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Aug 16, 2011 08:24 PM

Challah or Brioche Bread in Arcadia/Pasadena Area or north OC?

I found a french toast recipe that I wanted to try that involves a loaf of challah or brioche bread. This isn't bread we typically use at home and I don't recall seeing it at the supermarket or any of the bakeries I've been to (then again I haven't really paid attention either!) So I was wondering where I can pick up a loaf of french toast worthy bread!

I live in Arcadia but work in Brea so hopefully there's a convenient place around these areas!

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  1. Great Harvest has Challah.

    Euro Pane has Brioche.

    Le Pain Quotidian has Brioche, and I believe Challah as well.

    1. Well, you can find Challah on Fridays anywhere in LA that has a significant Jewish population. Can't speak to Aracadia and Brea specifically, but Ralph's, some Le Pain Quotidiens and many bakeries and all Jewish delis all carry unsliced Challah (and day-old Challah makes delicious French toast).

      1. Most L.A.-area Vons stores and other large supermarkets will carry challah, though many will have only sliced, which may be thinner than you want. I'm now going to check for you - I shop in the Pasadena/Arcadia area and see it all the time but can't recall where! I know that you can special order fresh loaves of challah from Goldstein's Bagels in Arcadia (call for details), so if you want the real deal, that would be my pick.

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          Correction - it's Einstein Bros in Hastings Ranch, not Goldsteins.

        2. They have challah at the Henry's Market on Huntington in Monrovia, just over the border from Arcadia. Also at Trader Joe's. Neither is fantastic, but they'd be perfectly adequate for French toast.

          1. My fav bought challah is Diamond Bakeries.

            But that's a drive!

            Fresh and Easy has had decent challah in the past. (A happy surprise.) And Trader Joe's challah is good for french toast - yes. I'd bet Gelsons has good stuff but have never looked.

            The easiest solution for your area is to go to an armenian market (or Super King in altadena) and get what is called 'Raisin Bread". It's a delightful braided egg bread with rummy raisins - fabulous toasted or in french toast. And it tends to be well priced. Happy shopping!