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Aug 16, 2011 08:17 PM

Wonder Seafood DIM SUM Edison any menu suggestions?

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  1. There is also a dim sum menu with different offerings. Though, I have certainly not had the opportunity to sample everything on it, the only item I would not recommend would be the pork buns. I found them much too doughy and heavy. Try some feet instead.

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      Best go on a Sunday (be there at 11:00 or be prepared to wait) when they come around with carts and you can pick out what you like (the servers usually know enough English to identify the main ingredient). Hang out for awhile and wait for new stuff to come out of the kitchen--it's possible to be stuffed in less than10 minutes if you eat what they bring out in the first round. Alhough I've been eating dim sum my whole life, I don't know the names of too many things. We love shrimp dumplings (har gow) and the broad flat noodles that look like crepes and are filled with shrimp. Wonder's spring rolls are almost always good. Pot stickers go fast, for good reason. The last time we were there, we were ready to leave when they came out with our absolute favorites--lightly sauteed dumplings stuffed with minced greens. We made room and stuffed ourselves more.

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        Thanks for the recommendations...I have been to a few Dim Sum places myself.....gonna hit Wonder Seafood Tuesday while in the area..........hope a late weeknight will allow us more leverage and choices without the crowds?..... more to come...

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          I would advise against doing dim sum off-hours. The crowd is a part of the experience.. :) I'm also guessing you won't get the same selection, nor get cart service.

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            During off-hours, you order from a menu, no carts. However, their non-dim sum lunch menu is very good as well.

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              that stinx..I was under the impression that they have quality DIM all the time I read!!

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                Not serving from a cart during weekdays does not mean that they are not serving quality dim sum. You simply order from a menu card and a server brings you your selections.

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                  MGZ Tuesday I guess I'll find out for myself...my fingers are crossed ;-)

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                    Their dim sum is excellent.

                    Even at lunch on weekdays it gets crowded unless you get there at 11am or get there after 1pm. You might have to share a table.

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                      ieee488 thanks I'll be there prob 6-7pm

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                        By that time they will be serving from the dinner menu, and the dim sum will proabably be gone.

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                            Their menu/website indicates you can order a limited Dim Sum plate and similar items at any time under *Appetizers*


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                              ieee488 well that settles that no dim sum after 3pm oh well... thanx for saving me the trip....

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                            probably should go sometime before 3pm as dim sum is traditionally a "brunch" type meal and not dinner fare and may not be offered. if you go monday-friday, you order off a menu. if you go sat-sun, you order off carts that get wheeled around.


                            the last page includes their dim sum menu, it says until 3pm.

                            dim sum suggestions:
                            beef fun noodle
                            shrimp fun noodle (these are the "crepe" type things filled with shrimp or beef with soy sauce
                            )har gaw (shrimp dumplings)
                            sui mai (meat dumplings)
                            beef ball (beef meatballs w waterchestnuts)
                            chicken sticky rice in leaf
                            steamed roast pork buns
                            stuffed green pepper (warning these are usually hot peppers not green peppers)
                            stuffed eggplant

                            honestly everything is good ... have fun!!

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                    I agree on the lunch specials. Some of the better ones are the tofu/grouper casserole, the fried flounder and (surprisingly, to me) the dry turnip and eggs. The turnip pieces tasted pickled? Really good. The manager doesn't mind recommending dishes, ask about chinese sausage.

          2. My favorite dim sum at Wonder are the fried puffy/crispy taro balls. They are wonderful. We were just there last weekend...everything was good. Another favorite is a sweet--little black bean dumplings with sesame seeds and chopped peanuts. They didn't have them last weekend when we were there (1pm). I agree with poster albinoni--it is possible to be stuffed too quickly if you take everything as soon as it comes to your table.

            1. Perhaps this will add something to the discussion: