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Aug 16, 2011 07:36 PM

Posto 22 in New Rochelle - aces!

My wife and I continued on our periodic Groupon/Living Social coupon tour of Westchester and tonight's stop was the most pleasant surprise I've had so far.

With trusty Living Social flyer in hand, we went to Posto 22 restaurant and wine bar in New Rochelle on Division Street, down the block from Coramandel.

You ever enter a restaurant for the first time and you get a good vibe in the first 30 seconds? Doesn't happen too often, right? Well, I got it when I entered this place. Everybody at the tables seemed upbeat, having fun, and a nice chatter in the air.

This is the first thing I liked about this place -- it wasn't a red sauce joint, and it wasn't a pretentious Italian restaurant with waiters in fancy suits. It was just right in the middle -- a modern restaurant where you could dress casually but not feel you're eating at some Old World place where the menus have been around for 35 years.

We lucked out -- turns out wine bottles and glasses are half price on Tuesday nights. No wonder everybody in the place seemed happy!

The wait staff was very nice and serviceable, never intrusive -- and almost all women.

I had a traditional Cesar salad, which was just the right size for $9. I had spaghetti with mini-meatballs (veal, pork and beef), whole my wife had spinach salad with grilled chicken.

You ever see that movie "No Reservations" with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart? After watching it, all I wanted to do was eat spaghetti and meatballs for a long time afterward, that's how good it looked in the movie.

My dish was as perfect as that movie's -- a healthy but not oversized portion of spaghetti, really delicious little meatballs and a really out of this world sauce. I really loved every bit of it.

My wife thoroughly enjoyed her salad and trust me when Is ay, there was nothing left on our plates.

We each had a glass of red wine.

I wish my daughter was there because I would have split a thin crust pizza pie with her -- it was a main feature on the menu and I was dying to try it. Next time.

The bill came to $47 after taxes. And with the coupon, it was something like $4. What I'm telling you is -- the prices were just right too.

I don't go so nuts over restaurants like this all the time, but I have to say that I was so happy we went to Posto 22. After we left, we were thinking of the people we know who we had to take there.

Is it a place for kids? My wife spotted one kid there. And they do have a small kids item list on the back of the menu which looked quite appealing as smaller versions of "adult" entrees (and yes, in a nod to the masses, it had chicken fingers).

But its sweet spot, to me, was a a place to go with friends or other couples, or just you and your better half.

I really had no complaints about my experience there except not having two stomachs so I could try the pizza. And parking was easy -- all the metes go out at 6 pm. We arrived at 7:30 pm and found a spot right down the block on Main Street.

Sorry for the gushing, but a place this good deserves to be written about!

Posto 22
22 Division St, New Rochelle, NY 10801

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  1. Interesting. I was there only 1x a couple of years ago and the food and service that night were nothing to gush over so have never returned. Glad to hear it's improved -- although I would have ordered something fish and they may do better with pizza/pasta. Another Italian resto in NewRo that I love is DaGiorgio in Wykagyl -- it's lovely and food is great. Have you ever tried Agostino's?? I've heard but haven't been...

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      I actually had lunch there today, i ordered one of their daily specials, a cheese stuffed ravioli in a bolognese sauce, which came with a salad or soup, and some nice warm bread, fused olive oil, and some grated parmigiano. I have a feeling the restaurant is better than what recieved today. It was if the bread had zero salt, if it had been salted (which i added), it would've been a very good bread. The mixed green salad I thought was underdressed, and as a result, on the bland side. The ravioli was good, but the bolognese also tasted like no salt was added, after adding salt, I had a pretty good dish. The bill with a soft drink was about $18 before tip, which I thought was on the slightly high side. Staff was very attentive (not to mention beautiful girls), and I'd try the place again in a minute, but they need to do a little more tasting in the kitchen IMHO.

      1. re: picklelicious

        So it sounds like Posto 22 didn't get their salt delivery over the weekend because of the hurricane?

        Posto 22
        22 Division St, New Rochelle, NY 10801

        1. re: PlasticMoonRain

          Perhaps not...I've just ordered some delivery from Modern Restaurant and Pizzaria to my hotel room, so we're just going all in with some NY Italian today, for tomorrow I will be back in North Carolina, where we just don't always see the quality of Italian restaurants that exists in this area.

          1. re: picklelicious

            Sounds like you like your salt on everything!