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Aug 16, 2011 07:19 PM

Golden Phoenix Oklahoma City

I caught a reference to this in a post here - So my wife and I checked it out for lunch today. All in all a surprisingly good combination of Chinese and Vietnamese dishes in OKC's Chinatown - or what the sign in the street called the "Asian District".

Very nice cold shrimp spring rolls. Never had one with a crunchy ingredient inside the roll before - almost like a wafer or a graham cracker - not exactly sure what it was but it certainly did not detract from the overall experience. Then we had a bowl of hot and sour soup - actually enough to serve 6 people. The people at the adjacent table ordered the duck and it looked incredible. We ordered the same but after a fairly lengthy delaty we were told they were out of duck - and this was just about noon! I guess that's what happens when they source these ingredients with uncertain demand. Instead we got crispy barbecued pork - and it was crispy - chunks of tender pork with the crispy skin attached. Top all this off with some nice special fried rice. A cheap and tasty experience. Would have liked to have tried some of the pho too - but my stomach can only hold so much.

Our server (a guy) seemed confused. Didn't realize he needed a pencil to take an order. Then the delay/screwup on the duck. Also, my wife never got the jackfruit smoothie that she ordered. So, look for a female server if you can get one. Overall great value and an interesting experience that we'd like to repeat.

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  1. I'm glad you liked the food. Your comment about the server made me remember something funny about ours. It was all young women serving, and they'd ordered pizza for lunch and it was visible behind the checkout counter. Made me laugh, and they laughed and said something about how they need a change once in awhile. ( BTW, their "Autumn Rolls" are delicious, with dried shallots for crunch. )

    Some years ago the neighborhood tried to get the area named "Little Saigon" because of the predominant Vietnamese population but that didn't go over with a certain segment of the local population. So "Asian District" it is.

    For pho, have you tried the little pink & blue place to the north in the old Long John Silver's? It is my favorite.

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      No - we live in Tulsa and don't get down to OKC all that often. So I don't know the place you mentioned but we'll check it out next time.

    2. I have been known to drive over to OKC just to have lunch at the GP. They make a carpacio style salad that I love. The salted squid is a favorite, the Green Papaya salad with shrimp is another favorite. When ordering the duck, we usually ask for a combo plate, half duck, half pork.

      They do a tremendous take out business besides the sit-down service.

      1. It's an interesting place. I've wanted to go there ever since reading this: