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Aug 16, 2011 06:15 PM

Citronelle gin and tonic [moved from Spain]

While in Madrid, we had the most lovely gin and tonic which was quite the production. The drink began with the waiter "muddling" lemons, then pouring the gin over the backside of a spoon, culminating with an inverted partially open bottle of tonic. Just lovely. Is there an official name for this drink? I would like to reproduce it here back in the states. Gracias!

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  1. Hello homeihead!
    I love love gin & tonics!!
    I'm going to Madrid in 2 weeks, do happen to remember were you had the drink??



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    1. re: yesilovestotravel

      I think the name of the place was En Busca del tiempo. It was on barcelona no 4 right by Puerto de la Sol. I wrote down the name of a dish we had there: Huevos Rotos con morcilla that was very very good. We noticed the bartender making the drink mentioned above (quite a production) at the table next to us. They were locals. When we requested the same, he did not seem as enthused to make it for us. Nonetheless he did, and it was VERY good. Hope you find it and enjoy!

      1. re: homeihead

        thank you homeihead!
        i see they have really good reviews on TA! , I added it to my list for Madrid!
        Thanks a million!


    2. I don't know a special name for the drink, - and I too love (Bombay) gin & tonic, - but I have noticed that the bars in Barcelona also take their cocktails very seriously, crushing the lime and tearing up the mint at the last minute for the mojito. The whole bar smells so heady.

      1. CITADELLE, CITADELLE, I mean Citadelle gin! Sorry!