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Corti Brothers [Sacramento]

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Rev, was in Sacramento over the weekend and tried Corti Bros. A real find. Ordered two sandwiches and only could finished one between us.

Need to return to try more things. Did notice Prime meats in the butcher shop. But did not have a place to cook something up.

Wish they would open on in the Bay Area.

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  1. They also carry Kurabuta pork (heritage pork that tastes like pork, not the other white meat), guanciale, pork belly, etc. and great looking seafood, including shrimps with heads on, which I believe means they weren't frozen. I know there's a place in the Ferry Building that carries much of that, but the price is much higher.

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      previously frozen, thawed shrimp with the heads on are fairly easy to find in the Chinese/Vietnamese fish markets -- when you get salt and pepper shrimp in restaurants or delis, the heads are usually on. the fresh, local shrimp that would have the head on might be spot prawns [Crago nigromaculata ?], which are in season now, but of course you can get them live for peak freshness.

    2. After reading the replies, decided to head from 80 to 50 on our way home from Tahoe to East Bay.
      So glad we ignored negative reviews because this is the great deli of old. Great breads, loved the sourdough rolls, and hefty sandwiches. Good selection of meats, cheeses and extras. Well worth the 8 mile side trip! Plus, they had a wonderful dried pasta selection, and found the big bucatini remembered from my childhood. Along with Pedrick Produce, Corti Brothers will be an addition to our Tahoe area stops.

      Corti Brothers
      5810 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95819

      1. It's been several years since our last visit (it was once a regular stop while visiting family/friends in Sac.) but in addition to the meat, deli, cheese, & fish, we enjoyed their wine offerings.

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          I once made the trip up from Fresno just to buy a couple of cases of the Fresno State award winning Primativo since Daryll had purchased all that remained. Definitely worth a stop for wine shopping.

        2. We moved from the Bay Area to Sacramento about 10 years ago. I was used to shopping at various Andronico's and Draeger's. Corti bros was a bit of a letdown at the time, but I have come to like it a lot. I still miss the Draeger's in San Mateo, it is such a beautiful store.

          1. Corti Brothers is amazing. I used to avoid shopping there for produce and such because of the perception that a specialist grocer has way higher prices, but I've found their prices to be far better than, say, Whole Foods.

            Now I give them my business whenever I can, and love every minute of it. The employees really know their products, as well.

            Corti Brothers
            5810 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95819

            1. Hadn't been to Corti Brothers for two years and made a beeline there when I got into town for a meeting. In fact I went twice - first evening in Sacto for some preliminary shopping of nonperishables, then I went back the next day after my meeting to pick up more things that I could transport straight home.

              I lucked out and caught the unadvertised 15% mark-down of Loisen brand Columba (similar to panettone). I was hesitant to buy too much since I was not familiar with the product. But after tasting the first of two purchased, I'm sorry I didn't pick up more. Should have known to trust Corti's curation skills on picking top quality. Looking at past newsletters, these should make an appearance again next Easter.

              Graber olives were on price reduction and I picked up some for friends in SF who can't find them locally.

              I found the potato chips from Cordoba, Spain that I like so much. And a couple of bottles of Spanish rose' wine went home with me.

              For the drive home, I bought a Corti special sandwich, $4.99 made w deli "overrun" meats. Packed with more than 1" thick of mortadella, cotto salami, spicy turkey & provolone on this day, it was terrific on a Sciambra (Napa Valley based) sweet french roll. The combination changes every day, just half a sandwich is substantial.

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                You see, Corti Bros. is addictive. My wife drives over 64 miles to shop there as often as possible. Our local market is a Safeway that specializes in brown, rotten, gooey produce. Once, while shopping at Mario’s Italian Deli in Glendale, my wife struck up a conversation with an Italian woman at the meat counter. When the lady was served, she was extremely picky about the offerings, repeatedly saying “you know, my husband is so particular”. I’m afraid my wife has adopted this, so I am now the ogreish husband. At Mike the butcher’s suggestion, she phones ahead so he can be sure there will be some of “Mike’s Fabulous Burger Blend” still available when she arrives. Last trip, she got Mr. Corti to help her with a selection of less expensive French white wines adding that she never had a French white she didn’t like. “Yes, they’re all good” Mr. Corti agreed (even if the ogre keeps her out of the Condrieu, Meursault, Montrachet, CdP Blanc, etc.)

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                  3 words: Kurabuta pork scrapple! (in the freezer section)

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                  Next time there, get their red wine vinegar and their house marmalade. They also have Cougar cheddar and great neat Japanese salts and soy sauce.
                  Any questions ask Rick, he is a goldmine of info, enough that he sent me to a travel agent in Soviet Georgia who is giving me a private trip in a week or so.
                  And Darrell Corti is a food genius.

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                    Oh, yes! I bought a gallon of the red wine vinegar, as I'd been kicking myself for not purchasing it my previous visit. The label says something like "use sparingly".