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Aug 16, 2011 05:29 PM

Breakfast/brunch near Playa del Rey

Two of us Pasadenans want to treat a third friend to a birthday breakfast near Playa de Rey on Sunday morning. Not fancy, not upscale, no champagne needed, since the b'day girl doesn't drink - just someplace comfy and casual with good food, outdoor seating a plus. We're from the unfashionable East Side, are not at all familiar with that part of town.

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  1. 26 beach cafe in venice.
    i believe that they open at 8am on weekend mornings.

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      +1 on westsidegal's rec. No outdoor patio per say, but there's a completely enclosed patio area that's kind of kitschy-chic - feels like a garden room sans all the plants. If you're willing to drive into Venice, 3 Square on Abbot Kinney has a patio area and it's nice in the morning. The food is solid, the prices are reasonable enough and the bake counter next door might interest you folks as well.

      3 Square Cafe
      1121 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

    2. Gjelina in Venice does a good brunch starting at 9am. Nice patio in back in addition to the great food.

      1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

      1. Sauce on Hampton in Venice. Open everyday at 8 AM

        Sauce On Hampton
        259 Hampton Dr, Venice, CA 90291

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          although i absolutely love the food at Sauce on Hampton, their tiny tables and crowded space can sometimes be off-putting, especially on a weekend.
          also, the last time i was there on a sunday, the head guy (whose name escapes me) was taking the day off and the whole operation was zig-zagging in a bad way both in terms of service and food.

          1. re: westsidegal

            I always go early and have had no issue with table size, crowding or service. YMMV

            1. re: Servorg

              that must make all the difference.
              i never eat before 10AM
              still, the tables don't change size. maybe early AM they will be more amenable to letting you spill over onto the next table. . .

          1. re: ElissaInPlaya

            Place Link for Piknic.

            Piknic Restaurant
            13020 Pacific Promenade, Playa Vista, CA 90094

            1. re: ElissaInPlaya

              I haven't heard anything about Picnic after some luke warm comments on the board as well as a co-worker who tried it soon after they opened. It seems like a nice enough place to have a meal with the park across the street and that kinda casual urban Playa Vista feel.

              1. re: bulavinaka

                It's not Mozza, but I like it. Easy parking, comfortable seating, nice menu, full-bar, relaxed vibe, usually no-wait, nice outdoor space, great service, delicious desserts, and fancy coffee drinks. I like 26 Beach, but Piknic's salads and brunch items (ricotta pancakes!) are nearly as tasty in a more relaxed environment.

                26 Beach
                3100 Washington Blvd., Venice, CA 90292

                Piknic Restaurant
                13020 Pacific Promenade, Playa Vista, CA 90094

            2. I was in your shoes a couple of weeks ago....