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Aug 16, 2011 04:40 PM

Taquero (Taco Catering)

I'm looking for a taquero (Taco catering) for the san fernando valley, does anyone know of a place that you can say taste good for the price. The party i'm having is rangin between 100-150 people. Please let me know asap Thank in advance

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  1. These guys make really great food, and the staff are super friendly and professional:

    1. These people are great! They make their own Horchata & Jamaica.

      Jose Valdez
      “Las Costas de Guerrero”
      Taco Catering Services

      (626) 665 - 6008

      1. I always recommend Exquicitos Tacos (Fernando). They have wonderful food and great people. They will do whatever you want and do it with a smile. Their Al Pastor is some of the best I have ever had. They will also bring homemade tortillas and aguas if you want. I have 2 numbers for them (909) 873-0703 or (626) 278-6327. Good luck!