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Aug 16, 2011 04:28 PM

Dinner Recommendations in YEG?

I was hoping for some help from the board because I'm drawing a complete blank. I need to organize a dinner for eight 30-ish year old guys, looking for a restaurant that's a bit upmarket but not too stuffy or pretentious, has a livelier atmosphere, centrally located (downtown or Whyte-ish) where we can have some dinner and drinks before going out for the evening. My first two choices were Corso 32 or Niche since I've been to neither and hear great things, but neither has room for us on Saturday. The Bothy seems like it could be interesting (albeit a bit further south than I'd like). Any other ideas?


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  1. We had a similar thing recently, and the place chosen was the Brazillian BBQ place, Pampa.

    Though after the meatsicles and drinks, we all suffered from meatcomas and well, the night sorta ended there.

    But the food was good! ;)

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      Thanks, taiphun. I thought about Pampa about 10 minutes after I made that post! The only issue there is that a meat buffet may not work for everyone in the group.

      I made reservations at Packrat Louie just to have a plan B in case I can't think of anywhere else, which isn't a bad way to go since the location is convenient and I've never had a bad meal there. Still open to other suggestions though...

      Packrat Louie
      10335 - 83rd Ave, Edmonton, AB T6E 2C6, CA

    2. How about The Marc? Considering they sometimes get criticized for being too loud, I think it would be lively enough. They have a variety of food including the classic steak & frites for the less adventurous eaters.

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        Good suggestion, I've wanted to try The Marc for a while now. Unfortunately they don't have any reservations available that night for a group our size. I do like the idea of a place with some interesting dishes and some classics, since a few guys in the group aren't really into food and would probably be happiest if we just went to Boston Pizza. Blah.

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          I would recommend Sabor Divino but it's pretty quiet until later in the evening when the live music starts. They do have lots of space for seating though, and a little side room as well.