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Aug 16, 2011 03:10 PM

South County Breakfast Recs????

My family and I are heading down south of the border to relax on the beach for a few days. There will be three cars heading down, all leaving from different points north, so we are looking for a place to meet and have breakfast before crossing the border. We would prefer to eat down in Chula Vista or National City and are looking for something not too far off of the freeway. It also has to be able to handle a party of aprox. 10 ppl, including a few kids.

Thanks in advance for your time and recommendations!!!!

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  1. Jalisco Cafe in Imperial Beach right off the 5 on Palm avenue exit..
    Excellent Mex. breakfasts.

    1. Aunt Emma's is good and can accomodate ten, if you get there early on a weekend.

      E Street, is an exit off the 5 (the Chula Vista location).

      1. I vote for a lobster burrito in Puerto Nuevo.