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Aug 16, 2011 02:34 PM

Favorite Recipes from 660 Curries?

Just got this cook book and don't even know where to start. Made one dish so far and it was excellent. Any favorite recipes in this book?

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  1. I have the book and also did not know where to start. What was the one recipe you made and liked so much?

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      Sorry for leaving that part out! We made the lamb curry in a sweet onion-tomato sauce (page 190) and absolutely loved it. Tonight I'm trying One Pot Potatoes in a red lentil sauce with lime juice (p. 552). I've tried many Indian dished from recipes online and they never turned out nearly as good as something I get in a restaurant. That lamb curry was every bit as good if not better than anything I've had in a restaurant.

      1. re: Rick

        The One Pot Potatoes turned out great as well. Starting to get the feeling nothing in from this book will be bad.

    2. Here's a link to an earlier Indian cuisine thread with a few posts and some very positive comments about what posters cooked from 660 Curries:

      I've wanted to buy this book for some time, but it always seems to take a back seat to something else. This book was on a list of possible nominations for the COTM last year but didn't make the cut. Possibly it'll be nominated in the future.

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        I always figured that if I got my act together and started cooking from it and reporting on it, a few other people would too since it has gotten some play on COTM nomination threads, and then either we'd get a lively thread like the Radically Simple one or more support for a COTM with it. But I have been thinking that for nearly two years now and I haven't done it. Story of my life....

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          Back to say thanks so much for posting the link to that other completely amazing thread which I had somehow missed earlier. What a wealth of information about Indian cooking in general as well as specifics of 660 Curries.

          1. re: GretchenS

            You're welcome. I'm squarely in your corner, and I should 1) actually buy the book really soon and 2) hopefully participate in it's COTM, at some point in the future.

            Let's keep our fingers crossed.

        2. I've had this book for about a year and a half and I absolutely love it. I've reviewed a bunch of the recipes through Cookbooker:

          The ones I keep coming back to month after month are the chicken with onion, bell pepper, and mace; the pan-fried cheese with peas; the saucy eggplant with green tomato; and the spinach and mustard greens with cheese. Basically, any of the four- or five-star ones.

          I've also given the spice mixtures as gifts and they've been big hits. The Bin Bhuna Hua Garam Masala is my favorite.

          Oh, and I don't think I officially reviewed it, but the tomato rice in the biryani section is delicious.

          1. So glad to see this thread because I was thinking the same thing recently.

            The Tikka Masala was great, even though we subbed tempeh for the chicken.

            Paneer was easy to make and tasted great. We used it in the Mutter paneer recipe, although I didn't find it as saucy as I was hoping.

            1. We really like the coconut-smothered black-eyed peas (Bina's Lobhia).