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Aug 16, 2011 02:21 PM

Top 5 London Sandwiches?

Hey all,

I'm on an ambitious gastronomic quest and would love a little guidance from some locals. You can help me by answering the following:

If you could only have five more sandwiches in the London area for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Please try to limit them to sandwiches that we could all purchase (i.e. not something that your grandmother makes once a year). Otherwise, you can be fairly liberal in what you decide to count as a sandwich - burger, taco... perhaps even a pork bun if you really feel strongly about it.

Feel free to give a bit of justification for your choices where appropriate.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Porchetta sandwich @ Gastronomica, Borough Market -- wonderful porky goodness. (The coppa de testa is a decent second.)

      1. Hot salt beef Sandwiches are great. Although sadly, the infamous Blooms of Whitechapel shut years ago there are apparently still some good places to get one out there.

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        1. re: psycho_fluff

          I'm probably in the minority (no pun intended), but I do wish all the salt beef sandwiches here cut the meat much thinner, the way it is in the States. Those thick slices don't appeal to me at all. The rye bread isn't good either, so I usually get mine on a bagel - at least at Selfridge's.

          1. re: zuriga1

            The salt beef beigels at Blooms were the best. Not cr@ppy, hard 'bagels' but proper Jewish Beigels. Sorely missed!

            1. re: psycho_fluff

              I tried Blooms 3 times, and each time it got progressively worse -- definitely the worst salt beef sandwich I've ever had was served at my final visit. Good riddance to that place.

              I think they got their bagels (or beigels LOL) from Carmeli's down the road which I think are decent enough -- Daniels in Temple Fortune is better in the area.

              If we're talking about Golders Green there is a great Israeli falafel place called Pita Plus (or something) with excellent falafel.

              1. re: brokentelephone

                Why "LOL"?

                I believe "beigel" was the original Yiddish and European spelling before they were exported to the US ...

                I'm no expert, but I'm a fan of Beigel Bake on Brick Lane - and I like the salt beef cut thickly!

                1. re: Theresa

                  Not to be picky, but Yiddish words are difficult to spell in English because Yiddish letters look like Hebrew and it's all just a guess. That's why so many Eastern European names were misspelled when people immigrated.

                  I think Fantastic Bagels at Finsbury Park are very tasty.

                  1. re: zuriga1

                    I think you're thinking of Happening Bagels in Finsbury Park?

                    1. re: brokentelephone

                      LOL! Of course. Well, they are Fantastic compared to a lot of others.

                  2. re: Theresa

                    I think bt was making a tongue-in-cheek reference to another thread where there was a slight disagreement about the spelling...

          2. Are you writing an article or book?

            1. Are you really going to eat sandwiches in L.A., Chicago, the bay area, London, and Miami ? As you have posted this same question on all these boards.

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              1. re: sdv231

                Depends on what you're looking for in a sandwich? I really love Italia Uno's Sandwiches on Charlotte St

                1. re: sdv231

                  Good catch on the multiple postings. This sounded to me from the first post like a would-be journalist in search of an article. Let's see what comes up.

                  1. re: Chatsworth

                    This has already been answered on the Chicago sandwich thread. A project for culinary school, apparently.