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Aug 16, 2011 11:47 AM

Boulder Steak Help

dying for a great steak in boulder tonite...

Much thanks

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  1. Depends what you consider a "great steak"; personally, I'm not a fan of the tenderloins that all the steakhouses seem to focus on - not enough flavor or texture for me. The best steak I've had in Boulder for my tastes was the hanger steak at the Kitchen - super beefy flavor, and still quite tender. Zolo Grill used to also have a great carne asada steak, though that was a while ago and I think they've changed chefs since then.

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    1. re: monopod

      Hanger, skirt, flank, ribeye... I'm all for beefiness.

      Walked by the kitchen today, looks good and gets enough favorable mentions that I think we'll try it

      Thanks again

      1. re: timwhoeatsalot

        Did you end up trying the Kitchen's hanger, or something else? Curious what you thought.