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Aug 16, 2011 11:46 AM

Homemade Bernaise Sauce

Dumb question - I can make a beautiful bernaise sauce, perfect consistency and flavor. But when I put it in top of a hot steak, it runs all over the place and turns into yellow water. How should it be served with hot food? Should it be served on the side? Or is it just still not thick enough?

I have a similar problem with applying hollandaise to warm broccoli.

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  1. Hollandaise and it's derivatives can be served over relatively hot food; your issue could be one of two things: Sauce preparation, or temperature of the food you are serving (most likely).

    Are you cooking the yolks to a ribbon before adding butter? Also, if the butter is not kept warm, you may be creating a sauce closer to a mayonnaise, where fat might solidify, and then break the sauce when it warms over the food. If the sauce isn't broken, you may just have cold whipped bernaise. Do you use clarified butter? Whole butter emulsifications are more stable because of the water buffer...not to mention more flavor.

    The more likely culprit is your main dishes are too Hot. The surface of a steak right out of the broiler is definitely enough to reach the 180df barrier, curdling the egg yolks.

    Serve the sauce tableside, as it will eliminate the problem and people definitely have preferences on such a rich sauce. Good luck.

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    1. Here's an easy recipe if you're looking for a new one:

      1. I serve eggs benedict to roughly 300 people every sunday, and therefore become very intimate with this sauce, My version lasts from 10am until 3 pm without failure. Hollandaise is almost my best friend!