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jules thin crust pizza

Has anyone tried this restaurant? We are moving to Baederwood and my family loves pizza. We already have tried Trevi in Glenside and it was awesome.

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  1. We've been to the one in Doylestown a few times, it's OK, but really more "flatbread" than pizza. If you want actual pizza, there are many better options. Try it and see what you think.

    1. We go to the Jenkintown location fairly often, since my gluten-free husband can eat there. I really like them, the food is always fresh and tasty. I agree, though, that pizza is a bit of a misnomer. It really is more of a flatbread and most of the good toppings are not traditional pizza toppings. So, I would say, if you really want pizza it's not a great option, but if you want fresh, tasty food in a convenient location, it's great.

      1. I liked Trevi fine, but the crust at Jules is (oddly enough) even thinner and more cracker-like than the crust at Trevi. I found it to be on the bland side, too. The toppings are good though. I know it's a chain but I actually much prefer the pizza at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in Horsham. Not as many choices and not as large a choice as the other places, but better pizza IMHO.

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          I like Anthony's, but don't like burned crust. I don't know if that's just the nature of the coal-fired oven, or if they just tend to overcook it, but most times my crust is burned. And not just a tiny bit.

        2. Been to all three locations and love them all. If you want local, organic food that actually tastes like something, then Jules is your place. It's not traditional pizza but what is anymore?

          1. Not sure what it should be called; I don't think Pizza is it, IMHO. Ok flatbread could be it. Whatever it really is it is quite tasty. However if I am wanting Pizza of any variety, thick, thin, Pan, NY, Chicago; Jules would not do it for me. Lots of choices of toppings to satisfy most tastes, unless you had wanted a pizza pie.

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              I totally agree with you Bacchus 101. I enjoyed the "pizza" and they do have lots of topping choices for you including several that are vegetarian. The flatbread pizza is served on a large wooden board. The Doylestown location is on a corner at the south end of town and they have nice outdoor tables with umbrellas for dining al fresco on warm, sunny days. They seem to be very green - cans for trash and separate cans for recycling, which pleased me. I have only been once, but will definitely try again the next time I am in Doylestown at lunchtime.

            2. Jules (well, her mom and dad) opened a new one in Wayne that I had the opportunity to try today. Attractive but spartan atmosphere (with a large canvas photo of Jules and her sister as the only artwork), an array of intriguing and artfully presented elongated ovals of ....um...flat bread (they don't claim its pizza), pleasant young staff members and a large cooler of complimentary ice water greeted me. (Other drinks available). After perusal, I opted for the Veggie #1 and the Meat # 1 as my choices. Even though not a meat eater, the slices of pepperoni and sweet sausage were thin enough to be benign on my gullet and I ordered. Cut and rewarmed on the conveyor toaster, they were presented to me on a flat board cut into two half sections. Initial impression: where's the flavor? Such visually tempting slices of whatever you call it had a remarkable dearth of flavor impact. Perhaps in their efforts to be health conscious, there was minimal salt or oil and I needed immediate doctoring with some pepper flakes, garlic powder and grated cheese to bring them to life. The serving temperature was also disappointingly low.

              Jules, tell mom and dad that some flavors are oil soluble and need some lipids while others could use some enhancing with salt, anchovy paste, garlic or something. I really like the concept but felt that the palate experience did not meet the visual presentation. A bit more topping might also be in order. I don't know if this is a chain-wide issue or just the new folks in Wayne, but good luck,! I'd like to see you take this nationwide.

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                I totally agree with you, Chefpaulo -- the presentation is gorgeous, but the crust tastes like cardboard and the toppings seriously lack flavor. Totally disappointed (in Ardmore).

              2. Just had some today in Doylestown, Vegetable #5, so good I had to order a 2nd slice. At $3.15 or so a slice its somewhat expensive. On the other hand your getting a lot of organic ingredients. I also tried one of the meats, not sure which number but it was stale.

                One weakness with Jules thin crust is that they have too much selection. Just like the Salad Works and self serve salad/hot food tables, the unpopular items become stale. As long as you pick a popular item you should do great.

                My favorite part about Jules is how light it is on the stomach. The average greasy pizza makes me feel heavy and lethargic.

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                  Excellent review. I'd second all the above, and add they are very kid friendly. Most of the salads are sourced from local farms and are very fresh and tasty. I'm partial to the apple-kale pizza.

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                    As a Tacconelli's addict as mentioned below, apple kale is way out of my comfort zone.

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                    Next time you are in Doylestown, try Spuntino's. Authentic Neopolitan pizza that I would put up there with Vecchia and some of the better places in the city. Here is a picture of their Margharita pizza. 8 dollars for a 10 inch pizza. They are located in the Marketplace on Main Street.

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                      Are you a fan of Vecchia in Phoenixville ? Went to a Chowdown there about 6-8 months ago and had a great time, but as a Tacconellis addict it did not work for me.

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                        I like the Neopolitan style. It is light, and airy and the ingredients are fresh.

                        It all comes down to personal preference. I am a huge fan of Trenton style pizza, am a huge fan of clam pizza (think Pepes or even DeLorenzos). Growing up in NY area, I have found most pizza around here disappointing, which is probably why I also favor more non traditional pizza. But it is all personal preference.

                        Then again, I would prefer a Socca to most pizza...

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                          Sorry to rub it in, but in Europe now and had one about 10 days ago, l most heartily agree.

                  3. It appears we have a Jules in English Village now.

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                      I saw that crazyspice. The prices seem a tad higher but I will try it one of these days. Maybe the rent is higher there.

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                        I am surprised to hear that about the prices. I haven't been, but I will go eventually. "Chains" in the area should be consistent.

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                          FYI the rents in English Village are outrageous. And overall vegetable prices are up, especially if you are buying organic or locally produced.

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                            I'm surprised Jules is able to keep prices so low considering the organic ingredients. The pizzas are only about $1-$2 more than the regular slop and salads are $6.50 in Newtown, PA. $6.50 is about what I pay at starbucks for prepackaged horrors.

                    2. The asparagus pizza/flatbread is my fav. Seasonally offered.

                      1. I have been going to the Baederwood location for several years now. It's the only place where I can get gluten-free pizza near my home. The ingredients are fresh, the service is good (although I have never been there in the evening), and the food is tasty. However, it is more pizza-like than true pizza.