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Aug 16, 2011 11:09 AM

casual eats in/near waterford, ny

I'll be moving a little north of Albany and would like suggestions for casual meals out. Even chains! Saratoga is close but I am seeking less rather than more.
Thanks -

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  1. In Waterford, McGreivy's isn't bad; there's a bar menu and a more upscale menu.

    Across the river, in Lansingburgh, Verdile's is a blast-from-the-past Italian restaurant.

    Down the road in Half Moon, Salty's is decent.

    Down the other road, in Cohoes, try Black Cat Ale House.

    All of these places provide decent to more-than-decent meals, moderate prices, good service, pleasant dining ambience. None is a destination restaurant, but they're all places I'm happy to eat.

    You'll have a lot more choices in downtown Troy, including Dinosaur BBQ, and River Street Cafe which are destinations.

    River Street Cafe
    429 River St, Troy, NY 12180

    Black Cat Ale House
    25 White St, Cohoes, NY 12047

    1. hi new neighbor!

      you're not far from clifton park and half moon. in the area i would recommend-

      pasta pane - very good new school italian . same owners as chianti and forno in saratoga.
      bellinis for italian although we prefer pasta pane
      sakura for sushi
      parma italia in half moon for good pizza and dinners

      and you are only 20 minutes from albany so lots of choices there. not everything in saratoga is expensive and there's tons of places to check out.

      1. Thank you for the suggestions. I will be able to check out the area personally and your (joint) notes will be helpful. I don't usually seek out high end places and for the most part your replies will fit in with my needs. Again, thanks