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Aug 16, 2011 11:04 AM

McDonalds Customer Service Unbelievable

I was so amazed that I just have to write. On Sunday I had a negative experience at our local NY McDonalds. I wrote an email to their comment page yesterday. Later that evening the phone rang, my daughter shouts, "it's McDonald's on the phone!” I couldn't believe they responded so fast. When I checked my email this morning there was a note from them as well discussing my concerns (it was a form note, but I wasn't about to complain). They must have a massive CSR center somewhere in the world. Anyone else ever write to them, and get such a response?

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  1. "Anyone else ever write to them, and get such a response?"

    No. I'm always afraid they'll send my coupons for free food... ;-D>

    That's a pretty impressive response alright. How did they resolve your problem? Did they come up with something that you felt was adequate to reply to your complaint? After all, the proof is in the Big Mac (or pudding cup)...

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      Very funny. One of my friends said the same thing! My problem was not food related, but how a request for a drink of water was handled. They assured me that they would discuss the correct protocol with their crew staff. The staff member told me they don't serve water, and upon asking, do you have a sink? They said they would prefer I buy bottled water because their tap water "makes people sick". I live in the same town and there is no problem with our water, she just wanted me to buy a beverage.

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        Makes one wonder what water they use to make their coffee.

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          And what water they use when cleaning equipment...

          I don't like the upsell for bottled water, but I understand the thought behind it. I can't fathom why anyone would think "our water makes people sick" is a good think to tell customers.

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            From what I understand they had complaints from people who were offered sink water. One of these customers told the staff member, "tap water makes people sick". Mu luck, I must have had the crew member who this happened to. As English was her second language, I don't think she realized the servility of what she was saying.

    2. Probably due to carry over from my youth.....Every so often I I get a craving for a Filet-O-Fish Sandwich....or when they are 2/$3, I'll stop by and purchase them to satisfy my need. One of these times was at the location I have been visiting for over four decades. In general, the only negative I have about the FOF is they put way too much tarter sauce on each and the first thing I have to do is scape off the excessive amount on the box packaging. On one occasion i noticed the cheese applied to sandwich was precisely 1 x 3 inches, which was smaller than I thought i had noticed in the past. I figured the store was stretching/reducing their food costs times three and it was a little offensive to me as being unbelievably I complained on the 800 hotline number or e-mail address provided, I do not recall exactly, and provided the store number and related details provided on the receipt, as well as my disappointment with the specifications of the sandwich in the comments box/voice mail.

      I cannot recall the exact response time, but I would definitely say it was rapid and within 48 hours when i received a telephone call from a woman who introduced herself as the owner of the location. She asked me to explain my complaint and concerns....listened patiently without interruption and apologized. She further explained that the specifications called for a half slice of cheese on the FOF, not a full slice, or the one third slice I believed I received. Regardless, she continued to say she again she was sorry for my disappointing visit and she would have a discussion about the matter with her management staff in place at the specific store and also with the others she owned in her group to follow strict company standards and specifications for all menu items in the future. She then thanked me for bringing attention to the problem and offered me a couple of coupons for free meals after confirming my contact information. She closed by saying she would include her contact information and business card along with the free offers she would mail me, and indicated to call her directly should I ever have another concern with any of her restaurants. I thanked her for her call and her prompt attention to the matter and ended the call.

      The very next day an envelope arrived from her with a handwritten note, again thanking me for taking the time to bring attention to the problem and giving her an opportunity to correct the disappointing visit.......she included two free coupons for any Value Meals they offered on their menu.

      Some may say , really what's the big's fast food and McDonald's at that.....but I'll tell you it was handled perfectly with respect. Some people have respect and care about their customers and reputation.....and handle complaints with proper manners. This owner is one who deserves to be recognized as such a person.

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        You have it right on Fourrunner - McD's does respond in a quick manner and actually w/ people that care.

      2. McD's prides themselves on customer service, in my experience. They catch a lot of flack for their food (understandably so), but they do try to excel at providing excellent service. I have only written to them via their website in praise of exceptionally friendly employees, but they have always provided a quick and very appreciative response, and they forward the praise to the employee/store as well. One employee at a local store near where I work had a whole article written about her in the paper after she won a big award for being one of the best employees. It was well deserved as I have received many a friendly smile and greeting from her in the drive thru when ordering a drink.

        For a fast food mega-corporation, they also, generally, treat their employees well, or at least they used to when my husband worked for another chain that was owned by them. They offered decent benefits (health insurance, vacation time, etc.) and relatively decent pay to a population of workers whose employment options may be limited. This is probably why they had thousands of people applying for jobs there earlier this year during a hiring spurt. Their stock is treating us well, too.

        1. Interesting. The Canadian McD's site doesn't have a way to email them to complain.

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            They require that you communicate by messenger goose (how loony is that?)... ;-D>