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Aug 16, 2011 09:50 AM

We are cooking a cow whole again. Bovinova 2.0 "The Barnyard Burn" I ideas Please.

We want to cook every animal that could be one a farm. Cow, Pigs, Goat, Lamb and Chickens are a given. We will probably use charcoal for the chicken and pigs which was against the rules last year.

Any other animals that can be cooked out doors? Please suggest and keep it real. Thank you for your time.

JB Bannister

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  1. Wouldn't that mean any animal that's raised in a farm? If so, you're missing a lot of poultry (duck, turkey, goose, quail, guinea fowl etc), guinea pigs, and horses. "Farm" could also be extended to aquaculture and snails.

    All possible to cook outdoors (grill, barbecue, boil, deep fry), but the question is whether you'd want to or would be allowed to.

    Why was charcoal against the rules?

    1. Depending on your country of origin, horse, dog, and rabbit immediately come to mind.

      1. I feel like turkey is the salient missing animal, also rabbit.

        On a different note: wow, you're bröötal. How many people are you feeding?

        1. These are great ideas. I think we will have at least 400.

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            I was having difficulty doing pulled pork for 100, so hats off to you.

            Out of all the animals listed thus far, I only have question marks on the horse, the dogs and the guinea pigs. You're not in Korea so I won't be asking about Rover, but will you really cook a horse? I like viande chevaline myself but not sure if it's legal in the US (John Wayne thing I guess). Ditto the guinea pigs, though they'd make interesting single-serve kebabs.

          2. I googled Bovinova... and wow! See

            I think cooking lots of small birds may be impractical. But turkeys seem a good idea.