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Aug 16, 2011 09:40 AM

Lunch in Oceanside


I'm looking for someplace to have lunch in Oceanside, preferably by/at the beach, someplace "reasonably" priced for either seafood and/or burgers. Does anyone have any links to such places, which have received overall relatively favorable reviews?

This would be greatly appreciated and thanks.

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  1. For good burgers, go to Ty's Burger House:

    Ty's Burger House
    515 Mission Ave
    760 757-5890

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    1. re: Norm Man

      Thanks Norm,

      very helpful........does anyone have a link for Ruby's Diner where their menu actually shows the prices? Any reviews too?


      Ruby's Diner
      1 Oceanside Pier, Oceanside, CA 92054

      1. re: cruisingmickey


        Ruby's is a 50s themed chain with ok burgers. I think they'll run you anywhere from 7 to 10 bucks depending on the burger. If you like the theme thing, you might enjoy the ambience. You won't get awful food there - it's certainly better than fast food or a truck stop - but you won't get the best burger ever, either.

        I would go with Norm's suggestion personally, but if you really want to be almost literally on the water, and that is your priority, you can't beat being at the end of the pier, I guess. :)

        1. re: inaplasticcup

          Thanks to both of you, this has really made up my mind,

    2. You don't mention when you are going, but 333 Pacific is open for lunch Friday-Sunday.

      The Burger House is good and reasonably priced. 333 Pacific is about as close to the beach as you can get in Oceanside and the lunch prices are not completely unreasonable.