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Aug 16, 2011 09:05 AM

Kid friendly with food that doesn't suck in Portland?

We just adopted a sweet little 4 year old, and all of a sudden the places we used to eat arn't going to work so well. Are there any places in Portland/Vancouver area that are decent food, but also work well for children?

I'm trying to avoid the Chuck-E-Cheese and McDonalds play area.

Any ideas would be great.

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  1. When my son was born my wife and I found ourselves in a very similar situation. Suddenly the cute little cafes and bistros were not going to work so much for us.

    The one place that we have been able to go consistently is La Provence Bistro in Lake Oswego. We have been for breakfast and lunch; both are amazing. The service staff has always been very patient with our little one, he is 14 months now.

    The dining room is large and there is plenty of space between the tables where I don't feel like we are in the way with a high chair. I really can't say too many good things about this restaurant. They are fantastc.

    1. Red Tricycle is a pretty site good for this sort of thing. You can't go too wrong with Mexican, food carts or pizza, though.

      1. Old Wives Tale has a kid's playroom.

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            Also, the playroom is out of visual range of most tables (unless they've remodeled in the last three years)

          2. I see lots of kids at Nostrana and the food there is awesome.

            1401 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR 97214

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              My son does well at Nostrana, especially at an outdoor table on a nice warm day. They'll keep bringing you bread, if you just ask.

              Urban Farmer is great for a kid friendly brunch. They've got crayons, a kids' menu, a large open space and the $5 bloody Mary bar.

            2. Go Asian. Ocean City dim sum. Pho Van on 82nd. Silk in the Pearl. I had my first son when I was living in New York, and all of a sudden Babbo wasn't looking so fun. We hit Chinatown hard, and they welcomed our boy everywhere we went. Of course, you'll run out of places a lot quicker here than in NY, but it's someplace to start.

              Also, Lauro (and Pix across the street afterwards). Genie's. Maybe Broder.

              It always helps to eat dinner at 5 or 5:30 too, before there's a wait and it gets crowded.

              Pho Van
              1919 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97216

              Ocean City Restaurant
              3016 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97266