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Aug 16, 2011 08:32 AM

1 night in Philly, where should I go?

I'm looking for a can't miss, must visit, great Philly restaurant for dinner. Something like Vetri but not quite as pricey. Staying right by city hall if that helps at all.

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  1. "Something like Vetri but not quite as pricey." = Osteria. It's close to city hall.

    1. After some more research, which is better: Osteria or Amis?

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          Definitely Osteria over Amis, which for me has been loud and cramped though the food is quite good. At Osteria I stick to the apps, pastas and pizzas. At Amis the house cured salumi and the pastas. Both have a nice wine program, and Osteria at least has a great selection of relatively hard to find Italian beers.

          The other restaurant, which is not as close but really is the othe restaurant puttin Philadelphia on the map these days to consider going to is Zahav. Not as close as Osteria, but a quick cab ride. Middle Eastern/Israeli inspired cuisine, serving one of the best lamb dishes in the city, and also doing some of the best Ofal, including duck hearts and lamb tongue.

      1. I love both Osteria and Amis.

        Quick question, where are you traveling from?
        And/or is there a type of cuisine that you really miss or that they don't get right in your hometown?

        It may make a couple of other places relevant for consideration.

        1. If you want to people watch and walk around after go to Parc ,its a French bistro.

          1. I prefer Amis to Osteria, although both are great. We love the pastas at Amis and the pizza at Osteria. Another restaurant to consider is Barbuzzo. Also Italian - small plates. I've been there twice in the last month and had excellent meals both times.