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Aug 16, 2011 07:45 AM

Travail: Bon Appetit's 4th Best New Restaurant in the US

Very exciting!

4154 West Broadway, Robbinsdale, MN 55422

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  1. I'd say they've earned it. We were going to take out of town guests there tonight, but there's a kid involved who thinks anything that is not Pizza Hut or Buffalo Wild Wings is gross, so probably better if we wait until less discriminating palates are around ;)

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    1. re: shadowfax

      Was just there on Saturday. For the kid, they've got tater tots, "greasers" (sliders), and of course, dessert.

        1. re: Latinpig

          Was also there Saturday night! I was seated at the bar solo at open.

          I was also back last night, mostly because a friend has to go back to ND tomorrow and a couple I would've gone with Saturday that live up that weren't available. We all had a great meal. I noticed that a watermelon dessert changed greatly from Saturday to yesterday, it was a total clunker and has since been totally redone and was quite nice last night.

          Some prices increased since the July layoff. 10 course / 2 person is now $70, Dessert tasting now $12, and a couple other bumps of $1 here or there.