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Aug 16, 2011 05:12 AM

Master chef season 2 finale spoiler

Suzy got to pick her teammate and she picks Christian, but not before declaring she's better than him and they're better than the other team. Needless to say they lose and she takes no responsibility for conceptualizing their dish, which the judges criticized as too simple. Christian then beats her in a lemon merengue pie pressure test. Christian, I think, is on the verge of spilling his sob story. I think he might win and suddenly become very humble.

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  1. I think he's always been the better chef, probably from Day 1 amongst all contestants. His meringue looked better than hers and he was correct that Suzy's concept of T-giving dinner was a little odd and simple.

    I actually want him to win.

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    1. re: smartie

      I think Christian talks alot of trash, which in the sports arena would have been typical and accepted. People who aren't accustomed to trashtalking will see him as arrogant. What's telling to me is that he doesn't insults the others on a personal level. I think he has consistently outperformed the others and deserves to win on the merits.

      1. re: Worldwide Diner

        I was thinking that it seems like he is amused by his own trash talking and is kind of surprised that they hate him rather than just giving it back.

        1. re: Worldwide Diner

          It appeared to me Christian lost on his merits. It did not occur to me that he got screwed when he was not chosen for the finale.

      2. What does this have to do with the finale ?

        BTW, Christian wasn't in it...

        1. I think the person that won second place was ripped off.

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          1. re: dave_c

            I really don't. I thought it could have gone either way, but I think Jennifer was ballsy, fearless and showed great technique. I would have preferred to eat Adrien's meal and Jennifer's dessert, but I thought both got better and better and were on fire for the finale. Adrien turned out two good courses, Jennifer turned out three, and I think that count is what it came down to. Her dessert was delicious but slight; no one wanted to eat his.

          2. Yeah, Adrian got screwed. Christian got screwed. Jennifer wasn't even the third best cook there. Even Ben deserved it more than she did.

            At least Suzy didn't win.

            But the show has evolved nicely from being a soapy mess to really being all about the food.

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              1. re: acgold7

                Oh man, I agree!!! Jennifer should have dropped out way earlier. I was wondering if the judges had a crush on here. Somehow she seemed to be quite hyped. At least on TV it was not convincing.
                My favourite (from the audition on) was Christian. I never understood why they slammed his vegetarian dish without even tasting it.
                Adrian was too up and down for me.

                1. re: josey124

                  It's been apparent from the first season of Hell's Kitchen that Ramsay loves the cute Blondes.

                2. re: acgold7

                  There is no point accumulation during the competition, so how could Ben deserve to be Master Chef since he overcooked his venison last week? This is just like Top Chef on Bravo in only one way, cook one bad dish, make a single mistake and you could be eliminated.

                  I thought it was a little funny that Ramsay introduced the Master Chef finale as "The most anticipated TV culinary event of the year". Uhm no Gordy, that would be the Top Chef finale.

                  1. re: John E.

                    Well, yes and no. You're not really eliminated for making a single mistake unless the producers want you to go. They're following your progress all along and making the judgement calls all the way as well as deciding how much potential you have... the on-air "judges" often have little to do with it. Which, by the way, *is* exactly like Top Chef... freeze the credits some time and read the disclaimer at the end that flashes by in like a nanosecond.

                    1. re: acgold7

                      Oh Christ - THIS again? The producers speak with the judges, yes, but on Top Chef, the judges have the final say. There is no way in hell that Tom Colicchio would allow his reputation to be tarnished (nor would any guest judge). Countless articles and interviews have said the same thing - Tom, Gail, Padma, and guest judges have said THEY make the decision as to who goes.

                      The *only* time that producers intervened was the Marcel head shaving attempt, when Tom wanted to send everyone home who was involved. The producers said just the one who laid hands on and held down Marcel was to go, per the rules.

                      1. re: acgold7

                        B.S. Ben overcooked the venison making his the worst dish, he gets eliminated. I know that if there are two equally bad dishes, past performance is likely part of the decision, but both TC and MC are judged in similar manners, each round is judged on its own merits. Yesterday's food does not factor in to today's judging. That is how obviously weaker cooks can progress further than more talented cooks who make mistakes.

                        1. re: John E.

                          Well, it's possible you guys are right, but as none of us were there we'll never know. But as a guy who worked in the Network TV business for 25 years, I can tell you it's a good idea to take all these public statements with a grain of salt. You don't see or hear anything the producers don't want you to, and that includes anything the "talent" tells the press. "Reality" TV is far from real and everything you see is manufactured for your enjoyment. It's ShowBiz, kids, with the emphasis on "show."

                          I'm not saying your take on it isn't correct, only to cast a skeptical eye and remember that everything you see is manufactured to amp the drama.

                          Having sat through many a taping of Iron Chef America I can tell you that what you see on TV bears a scant resemblance to what happened in the studio.

                  2. Well, since the results are posted all over the headlines of our local newspaper I guess I now know who won & I didn't get to see the finale yet.... sigh!!

                    But have to agree on the lemon meringue pie results....Suzy's looked pretty bad when they sliced it & it was drippy....yuck!