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Aug 16, 2011 04:00 AM

? about freezing corn

I have never done this successfully. I hav e always blanched the corn on the cob, allowed to dry really well and then froze on cookie sheet and tossed into freezer bags. T hey are always water logged. So now, I am thinking I should take the corn off the cob to freeze.
Is there a way to do this quickly and without corn going everywhere?
Do I blanch or freeze raw?

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  1. I blanch and then cut off the cob. Although I still get some flying kernels this way it is far less messy than cutting the kernels off raw. So worth the mess just to taste that fresh corn in the middle of winter!

    1. I've been cooking my corn, 1/2 husked in the microwave for a few few minutes, husking when cool, and then when cool (most time I put it in the fridge overnight) then cut the kernels off the next day. I stand it up in a tuperware sort of dish and just run a knife down it - everything stays in the tuperware, and that I put into smaller containers depending on what I want for portions. This is how I have been doing it for quite a while, and it's never water loged. Frozen/fresh corn is so easy and so much better then the canned stuff!

      1. What I want to know- I read about cutting corn from cobs for years, and could never come up with a good way to do it. I even watched some cooking programs for a while, in hopes of finding answers to some questions like this, but they were doing it exactly like I was. Does anyone have any idea how this is done commercially? I imagine some sort of vacuum process, but the details elude me.

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          I bought the OXO corn stripper at Williams-Sonoma and love it............

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            But what's in there? Flexible blade? Mini lathe? Super vac? Elves with tiny pry bars?

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              Brownies or Elves I am pretty sure. But if you ever look at them they scram quick.

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                Now chefj,
                that made me laugh... Brownies/Elves.

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            My dad uses an angel food pan as his base and corn catcher. The cob sits nicely on the centre tube and the kernels fall into the pan. That and a nice sharp knife and he whips through a batch pretty quickly.

          3. I remove the kernels [and capture the milk] from the raw cobs. Throw them in a ziplock, and freeze them on a baking sheet so that the bag is fairly flat. Never had a water-logged issue. To clarify a bit, I am buying New England corn from a farm, not the big and fat commercial corn and my goal is baked corn for Thanksgiving. Hope this helps.