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Aug 16, 2011 12:29 AM

Suckling Pig dinner at Alchemy

Alchemy's new menu has a Cuban-style roast suckling pig dinner which they say feeds 8-10 people. We got together with some friends and tried it Sunday night.

We were a party of 12, and there was enough pork to have easily fed another four people.

The menu consists of a a starter of plantain tostones with a garlic/cilantro olive oil dressing, followed by the pig, roasted yucca, and black beans. The pig is marinated in mojo (a citrus/garlic marinade), and a large bowl of extra mojo is served with the pig.

If you're looking for an unusual and fun meal for a large group, I recommend this pretty highly. Price is $38/person, and you need to reserve it a few days in advance.

Squeamish people should avoid it, as you tear into the pig with knives and tongs. It's a really primal, and delicious, experience.

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  1. I was wondering how this would go down. I recently visited and went to town on their street food menu. All Asian offering for me were a bust but the Mexican and American stuff was killer. Especially the Lengua tacos, had a few rounds of those. Loved the tarro tacos shelled pork belly too.

    1. How cool. Must find a group of like minded folks to try it.

      Also agree the lengua tacos are just delightful

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      1. How was the skin, my fav part of piggy?

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        1. re: cstr

          Skin in parts was crispy, but others chewy. Apparently this was only the second one of these they've done since offering it.

          I crisped up some of the leftover skin in a convection oven. That was a winner.

        2. Must've been a pretty big suckling pig? I've partaken in suckling pig dinners in the past and those only fed about 6-8 people... maybe that reflects more on the appetites of my dining companions :{}

          Is the price a fixed cost divided by the number of people, or is it a flat $38 regardless of diners?

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          1. re: shouzen

            It's $38 regardless of diners


            We were talking about this suckling pig for two months now might be time to find a few people and go there.

            1. re: honkman

              You know you can always count us in ;)

              1. re: shouzen

                I think we should merge the honkman et all group with the dining diva group and all go together :)

                1. re: karaethon

                  Let me know if this happens. I think I need to confirm my evaluation. :-)

          2. I would love to see a review with pics :D