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Aug 15, 2011 09:39 PM

Sweets/Baked goods in Charleston

I am spending a few days in Charleston next week and I have a list of restaurants (thanks to this board) to visit but I'd like to visit some really good bakeries/ice cream shops/etc. also. Any suggestions?

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  1. River Street is very popular:
    Their pralines are the best.

    Cupcake gets good reviews but I haven't been lately:

    Also Maccaroon on John Street has good pastries. I saw a recent review somewhere that stated the owner was rude to the poster. Don't know if that's true, but rudeness here is nevah evah tolerated!

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    1. re: Sue in Mt P

      I love Cupcake (both locations) and I love the Macaroon Boutique, too. Cupcake has, of course, cupcakes. Their chocolate with salted caramel icing makes me do a happy dance. Macaroon Boutique has amazing macaroons and really good chocolate croissants. I'm sure they have other delicious items, but those are the ones I'm drawn to every time I go there! I have also enjoyed sticky buns from Wild Flour Pastry on Cannon St. but have only been there once. I really wanted to go back when we were there in June, but I was already having trouble fitting all my meals into 10 days! :)

    2. Go to Baked. It's an outpost of the Brooklyn store.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions. I knew about Baked but have never been there.

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        1. re: makecake

          I've been there. It's nice. But it didn't knock my socks off, but it's pleasant.

          1. re: makecake

            Baked is very cool looking and is loaded down with tempting stuff. When I went we ordered tons of things for there and as take-home, and I was disappointed by all of it. Particularly the oily/bland frostings. Hot chocolate was good, though.

            1. re: danna

              Baked has had new owners for a few months now, it is called Bake House, and it is very disappointing. Not nearly as good as the original...too bad.

              1. re: elbeebannister

                Hunh. Thanks for the heads-up, elbee. I was there in April, & am a huge Lewis/Polifiato fan. If they don't own the Charleston store anymore, I guess I'll just have to trek up to Brooklyn :-)

                1. re: elbeebannister

                  I was there Dec 2010. Not sure who owned it then, but that was my 1st and last visit.