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Aug 15, 2011 09:02 PM

Need help finding good eats in Santa Maria or Pismo this weekend! HELP!

Heading to Santa Maria on Saturday, August 20 till Monday the 21st. looking for good seafood near pismo beach or san luis obispo that won't break the bank. also looking for any other recommendations for breakfast, lunch or dinner in santa maria. planning to head to about 3-4 wineries in santa ynez valley and santa maria. anything near a winery is a plus. thanks chowhounds!

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  1. Downtown Pismo on the main drag that goes to the pier: Mo's BBQ - Philty Phil's ribs - don't even think about getting anything else! Then trot on down to HotLix for some great homemade coffee flavored salt water taffy or their pecan roll. Or, up to Doc Bersteins ice cream.