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Aug 15, 2011 08:50 PM

Local spot for seafood near Newport/Jamestown, RI

We're heading to Providence, RI for a weekend with friends. We plan on driving out to Newport and Jamestown one day and are looking for a good locals place for clams and lobster. Any suggestions? If it's on the water, even better!

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  1. If you truly want a local's place, Anthony's is top notch. No water views though.

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    1. re: Frobisher

      I was going to say Anthony's as well. Not fancy, but super fresh. Besides, when eating lobster it is nice to do it in a place where you can get your hands dirty without feeling awkward about it. Anthony's is in Middletown (one town north of Newport on Aquidneck Island).

      However, if you want a waterview, I find the Moorings (on Newport Harbor) to be consistently good. Fancier options would be the deck at the Chandler, Fluke or the Inn at Castle Hill.

      I'm not a Flo's fan, no matter how many times the Food Network tries to convince me that it doesn't suck.

      1. re: Frobisher

        Another vote for Anthony's. that's where all the locals go - nothing fancy, but really good (and fresh) seafood!

      2. I finally tried the lobster rolls at Easton's beach snack bar and they were really good! Plus you get a front row water view. Certainly on the very casual side, but they serve other things like crab cake sandwich and clam strips. Might be worth a try