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How long will my fake blueberry jam last?

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I just made some blueberry "jam" by cooking up blueberries, adding splenda (I know, I know.... But i still have to fit in a bikini for another month), and throwing in a squeeze of lemon juice to taste. Pretty tasty, if I may say so myself, for how simple it was.

Question is....how long will this last in my fridge? Guessing splenda has no preservative value, the acid will have some, and does cooking/boiling the blueberries help it last longer? The jam will mostly be used with yogurt, on pancakes, and topped with peanut powder on top of vanilla ice cream. Just don't want to eat nothing but these 3 for the next week!

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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  1. the cooking and the acid will help, but i wouldn't give it too very long. a week, maybe? you can freeze it though.

    1. I do the same thing, with stevia...it seems to last a bit longer than fresh berries, possibly because it's been cooked down and the sugar is concentrated. A weeks seems like it might be ok, but if you're worried you can always divide it in half, freeze one half, use the unfrozen and thaw the other half when you need it.