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Aug 15, 2011 08:02 PM

Storing Dried PORCINIS

Hi All,

I received some beautiful bags of dried porcini mushrooms from Italy as a gift. The problem is I live in a very hot and humid environment- high nineties for both with no AC in the daytime while I am at work. Should I store the porcinis in the fridge?


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  1. My climate is hot and dry but I just keep my dried mushrooms in jars with screw on lids. I've never had spoilage.

    1. I'd put them in an airtight container, and add a small package of dessicant (you can often find it at camera or electronic stores). That will keep it from going mushy, without needing the fridge. I keep dried shitakes that way in the same sort of climate, and no AC in the kitchen at all, without a problem.

      As an aside, do the same with all your camera equipment, and you'll avoid having to clean fungus off your digital camera sensor. :-(

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        Dessicant is a great idea. Often when I buy larger packages of dried mushrooms there's a packet of it in there. I hang onto them. You never know when a cell phone is going to take a plunge....

      2. You can store them in the freezer. This accomplishes two things: the freezer air is very dry so will keep the mushrooms from becoming rubbery and if there are any critters still living in the porcinis it will kill them. I pick and dry wheelbarrows full of porcini when they're in season and after drying them I always let them have a little vacation in the freezer before storing in a jar in the cupboard.