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Looking for simple farm stand on the side of the road

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Hi all. This question has been a long time coming. Prompted tonight by a thread about Jenny's farm stand in Dexter. It was said "it's not just a wagon along side the road". Well that is what I'm looking for. Here in southeast Michigan the farmers markets are abundunt and wonderful. But even more wonderful are the little farm stands along the rural roads(like we had in suburban Philly and Minneapolis). They were mostly on the honor system(leave your money in a box) for beautiful corn, tomatoes, cukes, peppers and the like. These were nearby daily, not just weekly(even though farmsers markets can be found almost every day of the week if you travel some). I just wish there was a little stand I could visit every couple of days for fresh, very local produce for very little cash. Thanks!

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  1. I've seen those, and adore them Rheta. I honestly only see them in the country, though...nowhere near the tri-county area, usually directly on the road at a farm. They're rare, and special, and like you, I haven't seen one for quite some time.

    1. They exist. I see them when I go for an afternoon drive inthe Pinckney, Dexter, Gregory area.
      I cannot tell you specifically where they are located ...

      I *USED* to go to Canada; the area between Amherstburg & Leamington is rich with farm stands.
      Sadly; US Customs are now fining folks $300-$500 if you bring back a veggie they don't permit.
      Heck; last year, they took my sweet corn ... inspite of their own (& USDA) documentation that it
      is SPECIFICALLY permitted.

      1. I think you have to go a ways out of the city...I've seen them on M15, especially as you get closer to Bay CIty (a long ways to go from DTW!) or on Van Dyke, and M25 going towards Algonac.

        1. I think the wagon on Welch and 14 Mile in Commerce Township has some vegetables, but I never really look closely enough when i drove by it.

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            For some reason this farm stand isn't open yet this year. In the past they have sold frits and veggies. Their corn was outstanding.

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              Hmm, I hope he's ok. My parents have actually seen that tractor of his on the road pulling into and out of that lot. I think he sells rocks, too.

          2. There's a couple near 8 mile and Pontiac Trail

            1. There is one on Andersonville Road between White Lake Road and Davisburg - this is the Clarkston/White Lake/Davisburg area.
              It is just before the RR tracks if you are driving north towards Davisburg from Clarkston.

              1. Two very large farm stands on Dequindre, south of Beaumont Hospital.

                Many stands on the mile roads north of Hall (M59) between Van Dyke and Gratiot

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                  wow, thanks everyone! as usual I can count on you!!! There is also a farm stand on the way to where my hubby golfed a couple of years ago. He just happened to pass by it. It was somewhere around off M14 and I think Koppernick(I or something like that!!). I visited once but it's a long drive for me. Need more of those stands in the metro! In suburban Minneapolis where I once lived, a large farmers market had little stands all over the metro area. It was perfect. You could shop daily or at least every few days for very tasty fresh produce at a very good price. Detroit Metro needs this!

                2. Also there is a seasonal stand on Auburn Road in Auburn Hills, run by the Van Houttes (who have the largest area in the RO farmers market)--north side of the road west of Squirrel.

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                    I think the Van Houttes also have a couple other parking-lot tent stands: one on Hall Rd E of Schoenherr (in front of Gander Mtn) and another on Rochester Rd & Avon (in front of Kmart).
                    One of my favorite tiny stands has to be the people on (I think) 22 mile W of Romeo Plank who grow just pumpkins and line them all up in their front yard according to size (and price).

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                      Oakland Township, 4 miles north of Meadowbrook Hall, has a wonderful stand on Orion Road, between Rochester and Lake Orion. The farmers make an effort to know every buyers name and the corn is so fresh that it is still warm from the day's sunshine. The best cantelope I ever had came from those farmer's fields!

                  2. I live in East Lansing and we have a number of them around, especially during corn season.

                    1. In the Westland/Livonia area there is a seasonal stand on Ann Arbor Trail just East of Hines Drive. No first hand knowledge although maybe I will stop by sometime this week and report back.

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                        Thanks Wooderson. I'll have to check that one out. Definitely close enough to my home. Thanks to everyone else as well who have contributed! My hubby came upon a nice market on Sunday on his way to golf. Mary's Farm Market on Ford Rd. and Beck. He brought some corn home. I tell you, it was the best corn I've had in my life!

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                          > it was the best corn I've had in my life!

                          Viva la farm stand!

                          I grew up in rural Ohio. We had an orchard; apples, cherries, peaches, pears & grapes. Neighbors had sizable gardens; 100' x 50' was typical. There was a berry farm nearby.
                          Ditto for eggs and dairy. Horseradish & mint were "weeds" that we harvested. We traded.

                          FRESH; meant, picked today. One of my strong childhood memories is eating a meal at
                          another house. What is THAT? Peach? NOT - peaches come from trees, not cans.

                          As much as I appreciate having Nino's and Plum Market nearby; I adore a farm stand cart
                          alongside a road.

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                            Hey Rain, I grew up on a farm and have the same views of fresh. What I wouldn't give to have my mom's creamed new potatoes and peas. Picked right before prepared. Yum!

                      2. Hi Rheta
                        The Cosintio family (Roses) has a stand on their farm on Cherry Hill just west of Beck. I'll be there on Thursday and report back. Their corn is usually outstanding. Also the usual cukes, peppers, etc.. Also, the tomatoes are finally in.

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                          Welcome back, stranger! Awaiting your report, once DJB's is open.

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                            I'm all over it, guys! Thanks for missing me.

                          2. re: SonyBob

                            Hey SB! I'll have to check that one out too! I'm also looking forward for the new DJB opening. It can't some soon enough for me!