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Aug 15, 2011 05:00 PM

Lecruset/iron vs demeyere

I am getting an induction cooktop and am looking for new cookware. I'm not a great fan of stainless (which is unfortunate under the circomstances,haha). I've heard that the Demeyere is very heavy and am wondering if I might as well go with LeCrueset or the like. Any thoughts?

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  1. What do you have right now? Are you sure they won't work on your new stove?

    1. I have seven pieces of LC ( tops not counted) and five of the Demeyere plus several All Cad. I use them all. It depends on what I am cooking, of course. I like them all. As for as SS is concerned for induction, Demeyere is outstanding, as I understand. I braise a lot so I am big user of my LC. I have a Wolf cooktop so my comments on induction cooking are not based on experience. However, between the All Clad and the Demeyere, i will cook with the Demeyere hands down.

      1. Demeyere Atlantis is very heavy cookware. I have a number of pieces, and count it as my favorite SS cookware. I also have a ton of Le Creuset that has been collected over the years -- Dutch ovens, skillets, sauce pans, grill, roasters. I use them a lot too. I don't tend to use them for the same things, so for example, if I need a Dutch oven, I reach for an LC or Staub. If I need a saute pan or sauce pan, I use Demeyere. They actually each do some things better than the other. If you are only deciding based on weight, I don't see a difference.

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          We must share the same kitchen!

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            I purchased a electrolux induction range about 2 months ago and, I bought 4 Demeyere Atlantis pieces. I will say that they are really heavy, and solid. I bought a 11 inch fry pan, 5.2 qt, 1,6 qt and a 9 inch controlinduc. So far, I love them. They heat evenly and hold heat really well. I also bought a Staub 10 in fry pan. (it was on sale). I have only one small LC grill pan that I have used about 3 times. It was a gift from my sister. It does a good job and is also heavy, I will continue to use the Demeyere and will buy more pieces on down the road. I will say that I can recommend them to anyone. (who can afford them) After all they are pricey as hell.

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