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Aug 15, 2011 04:40 PM

What do do with a whole bunch of green tomatoes ... other than frying them

I have about 5 pounds of green tomatoes, but my cholesterol dictates that I shouldn't eat them all fried (as much as I really want to.).

Any ideas? Preferably vegan ones? Thanks!

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  1. Green tomato jam is delicious and beautiful.
    If you can figure a vegan crust (nuts/flax/?) you could make a great green tomato pie.
    Chop them, and with raisins, diced apples and a bit of sugar (apple juice?) cook them down into a beautiful chutney. Just keep it on low, and stir it now and again, and when it looks like it's done, it is!

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        That's exactly what I was going to say. :)

      2. I made this green tomato vinaigrette a few weeks ago and enjoyed it...

        I had to fiddle with this recipe a bit to get it more to my taste, but it's a good starting point.

        1. Use them in place of tomatillos in any Mexican dish. Salsa verde would be great.

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            Second this. I have roasted them and used them in some of Rick Bayless's recipes, such as this one

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              i was going to say nifa's green sauce (on homesicktexan's blog) on top of her delicious carnitas which i cook in orange juice. mmmm...

          2. I often will slice and grill them and then throw on whatever spicy sauce I'd have done if I fried them. I also do bread and bake them as a healthier option and they turn out quite well that way.