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Aug 15, 2011 04:23 PM

Best Steakhouse for business/fun dinner with a large party of 9?

Hi all!

My clients are wishing to dine at:
Boa, Carnevino, SW or Craftsteak.

I've not been to either and after reading reviews they seem fairly wlel recieved (with Carnevino being the lowest).

Which is best? Any of these better to host a larger party? Need to book res asap and your insights are greatly appreciated!


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  1. I've only been to SW on your list, but I can say that the food was excellent and the service impeccable. One plus is also that there is a very fun show that happens on the Lake of Dreams, which the restaurant overlooks, about every 20 minutes. It's a cool light show with music that definitely adds to the dining experience. Not conducive to conducting business perhaps, but very entertaining. I would recommend SW to anyone. They can definitely accommodate a group yor size, as we saw several large tables when we were there.

    1. I would CUT and Lawrys House of Prime Rib. Cut has been rated highly in the past on this board (I haven;t been there personally but it looks awesome) Lawrys had the old world charm that is shown in Mad Men :) and the Prime Rib was excellent.

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        Went to CUT last year so that isn't an option....Will do SW that sounds like a fun thing and the dinner is with clients but to have a great time and not talk-shop :)

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          I've heard great things about SW also, however have never been there personally. On my last trip to Vegas, I ate at Carnevino and really enjoyed it. The food and service were great, although I just ate at the bar. I did see quite a few groups (6 or more), so I'm certain that they can accommodate your party.

          Another kind of cool steak house that you might be interested in is n9ne steakhouse in the Palms Casino. My wife and in laws ate there after I proposed a few years back. The food and service was excellent, and the room has a cool hip vibe to it. I guess it would also depend on the ages of your group as well.