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Aug 15, 2011 04:15 PM

fine pastry shop

spending a week in SD and while the it will be my brides birthday. She loves fine pastries, and things filled with pastry cream. So wheres your go to place?

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  1. oooops! where staying Mission Beach if that makes a difference.

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      As far as i know there is nothing in Mission Beach. In downtown there is Extraordinary Desserts (also Bankers Hill). There's a place in North Park called Heaven Sent which I only went to once and wasnt impressed with. There's a couple chocolate places like chi and eclipse. Bread & Cie have some pastries but its mainly a bakery.

      Really, there is no proper Patisserie here in San Diego, but I have had some good deserts at Market and also Farmhouse so perhaps restaurants might be an option. I dont think I've been much help but maybe some others have suggestions.

      Extraordinary Desserts
      2929 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

      1. Michele Coulon in La Jolla does very good cakes and desserts. Can't remember if she has pastries as well, but it's worth a shot.

        1. The French Gourmet in North Pacific Beach has very good desserts and pastries and is probably closest to your location. You also may want to try Azucar in Ocean Beach for pastries with a Cuban twist. Very good and baked fresh daily.

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