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Aug 15, 2011 03:35 PM

breakfast and snack ideas for high-blood sugar

what kind of breakfast and easy snack ideas do you have for people with high-blood sugar? I'm not looking for strictly wheat free and enjoy baking.


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  1. A focus on protein would clearly be the most logical choice, particularly if paired with high fiber low glycemic carbs. For breakfast eggs/egg-whites with any variety of vegetables, mushrooms, cheese would be a great choice.

    For snacks - vegetables are a great choice, as are low fat proteins and low glycemic carbs.

    The question becomes what can you stick with, what is your insulin sensitivity, can you improve it with exercise?

    You certainly needn't "eliminate" carbs - just restrict them to a weight appropriate amount 45-60 per meal for instance.

    1. I don't know brands you might find in B.C., but here are some general suggestions. Find yourself a low carb bread you like. In the States there are several, available regionally. The easiest way to cook an egg that I know of, is to use the microwave.

      You will have trouble with most products made from wheat alone. You will have to learn to read nutrition labels. If you want to bake, google low carb baking to find recipes to try. I used a bun recipe for all of last year made with golden flaxseed meal. If you would like I can send you the recipe. However flaxseed meal does not taste the same as wheat.

      Here are some snacks and quick meal ideas for you: nuts, peanut butter, sunflower butter, nut butter, organic celery, lunchmeat and cheese rollups, cheese sandwiches made with low carb bread, sardines and kippers, eggs, cheese snacks, green peppers, zucchini sticks kissed with seasoned salt, pimiento cheese, lettuce rollups. Depending on how strict your eating plan is, you might be able to have in moderation berries and cherry tomatoes. ships to Canada, I believe. If you can't find a local source for no-sugar coffee syrups, you can order form them. The coffee syrups, which come in many, many flavors, are very helpful to those of us who do not eat sugar or HFCS.

      And, I've just started using a whey powder for milkshake. It adds 17 g of protein to a fruit snack, and I am using this to help on days when I'm really hungry and a peach just won't do it for me by itself.

      Good luck on eating low carb.

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        Whey protein is no better a protein choice than lean chicken or an egg white, though some of the better brands do make superior flavored products w/o carbs.

        I found your list humorous as it lists "organic celery" as though non-organic would not be good for low carb diets. :-) I'd say "natural lunch meat" over "organic" anything is more important.

        I'd note that MANY "low carb" items are high fat (nuts, peanut butter, whole eggs, cheese) and as such it is important to monitor the calories so you are not accidentally gaining weight with more calories as this will only worsen insulin sensitivity.

        Remember, there are no "forbidden" foods for persons with diabetes - just foods you need to eat less of, less often. :-)

      2. I'm obsessed with plain yogurt, so I'd recommend that. You can add nuts and seeds, low glycemic fruit, spices (cinnamon, ginger, etc) or herbs (i like thyme).

        if you get into it, you can start making it yourself!

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          Good points, and branching off the topic above, if you wanted to add more protein for satiety effect (or fiber) you could add a nice tasting/nice quality whey protein or benefiber to thicken it up.

        2. You could try baking with coocnut or almond flour...I have had success making blueberry muffins (splenda or stevia for sweetening). There are a lot of different recipes online, some much better than others. Chocolate has been iffy. I've also used whey isolate (flavored) to bump up flavor and protein in these. Pumpkin spice is nice, too - or pumpkin chocolate.

          A favorite snack of mine is Greek yogurt (plain, 2% - the whole is just too thick for me) with a bit of stevia, thawed frozen raspberries (or blueberries!) and some of their juices, and a bit of vanilla extract.

          If you look around for pumpkin almond flour pancakes, those can be really delicious. I top with a berry compote I cook and reduce: frozen berries, splash of lemon, stevia.

          Look up no-grain oatmeal for a nice substitute for traditional oatmeal.

          I do not have high blood sugar, but I typically eat low-carb/Paleo-ish as a rule. If you check out a lot of bodybuilding sites there are very creative recipes out there.

          1. I like ricotta with walnuts or almonds with a small amount of fruit, or a good whole grain bread with seeds and nuts with nutbutter or a higher protein yogurt or greek yogurt with nuts and a little fruit. celery with nut butter is a great snack, as are hard boiled eggs.
            canned fish such as sardines or smoked oysters are also good for snacking.