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Aug 15, 2011 03:32 PM

Fruits these days... goes bad before ripening

It's been over 4 years now that I've noticed that almost all fruits go bad instead of ripenning.

Is it just me or is anyone noticing this? I'm not one of those people who forgets about their fruit, I watch it all the time and this issue is getting out of control, it's a waste of money and produce.

Have these fruits been frozen somehow that do not allow them to ripen normally once thawed out? I check the stickers to see where they come from (Pears/south africa and they always go bad!)
They look perfect and firm and then they just never hit ripe but go straight to bad, from the inside out!

I've tried to stick to buying local, so Ontario fruits only but you know the peaches have done the same thing to me in the last few years, they're not like they used to be when I was a kid.

What's going on?? I've just about had it with some fruits that I won't even buy them, it's really sad.
Please share your stories or tell me if you've noticed the same thing.

I avoid the Loblaws superstore as their fruit is really already going bad in there but my no frills has a great selection and everything looks beautiful but once I buy it it simply does not ripen, even in the store there is evidence of fruits not ripening properly as I've picked up a bruised rotting fruit that looked perfect on the outside once or twice right at the front stand.

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  1. I have had exactly the same problem and same complaint for a number of years doesn't always happen but it does Very often. I am very careful how I pick my fruit too.

    1. And vegetables too. Onions that rot on the inside first after a few days indicate a business that's freezing their unbought grocery items. Not good!!

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        Yes! I noticed this in the last few times I bought onions. I assumed it was from this and last year's weather, onions were affected bad but now I don't know. Freezing does seem to cause problems, I'm starting to question my supermarket's practices.

        1. re: arktos

          I've noticed this as well. I just got back from Mexico, and at their local outdoor markets, their white onions are absolutely beautiful - spotless, firm, even. I get back to the US and they are rotting in the bin at the store. Something's up.

        2. Have you tried the brown paper bag trick? Especially for stone fruit. Stick them in a brown paper bag (tightly closed) for 2-3 days on the counter. Keep them from touching each other. Works great.

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            I'll try it and see, but I'm not really looking to have them ripen quicker but just ripen properly without going from unripe to rotten without a stage in between.

          2. I suspect it has to do with being picked too green. Since you've done it for awhile, I assume you have a method that's worked and that you know about ethylene gas and such. Most fruits will ripen off the tree, some (like pears) have to to be good, but they have to be to a certain point when picked for it to work.

            1. As for mangoes? I give up. They morph from under-ripe, rock-hard oblate spheroids into mango jerky, with no juicy in-between. For many fruits, you have to be pick-it close or forget it.

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                I have strarted reading a book titled, "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" a year of food life, by Barbara Kingsolver. This is about food, where it gows, and how we have gotten so very far away from the truth of it's origins. Really an eye opener as well as a great story of change.