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Aug 15, 2011 02:13 PM

Where can I get a bushel of second paste tomatoes?

I need a place in MD to get roughly 50lbs of these that were grown without pesticides/herbicides. I got 50lbs (they guess, nobody bothered to weigh them) from Rockland and I'd say half were rotten. (covered by the non-rotten ones) I just want to make some sauce :( Anybody have the scoop? I'd consider NOVA and DC, too.

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  1. I find them at the larger farmers markets in NoVa for about $15/box. I have the best luck at the VRE parking lot in Burke on Saturday mornings.

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      Stop at your local farm stand and talk to them. Every year, with a day's notice, our farm stand will bring us a 20-25lb box for $7. Of the three boxes we've bought so far this summer, we only tossed out three tomatoes (naturally, since they are seconds, all of them required a bit of carving out bad spots).