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Aug 15, 2011 01:25 PM

Eating with and Infant in Amsterdam

My wife and I are spending a week in Amsterdam with our six-month-old child and were wondering if anyone had recommendations for restaurants. We will have our infant with us, so we are looking for a few places that offer good food (for people who enjoy good restaurants) but also the right atmosphere for kids, big enough bathrooms for changing, conveniently located etc.

Maybe this is an odd request, but the last time I was in Amsterdam with an infant I found it a bit of a challenge to find places.


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  1. I wanted to bump this thread because I am interested in responses. I've been to Amsterdam 3 times in the last 3 years, and am planning a 4th trip. I know that bathrooms are going to be the tricky part, b/c even in the nicest restaurants they can be extremely cramped. I will say that I've been known to go into bigger hotel lobbies to use the bathroom, so maybe you can try that.

    And just to keep this food-related, a few places that I've found the service to be very nice are Cafe Nielsen, de Waag, Gartine, Pancake Bakery, and Burgermeester. I usually equate nice service with people who would be willing to accommodate an infant, but your experience may vary.

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      Thanks for the bump and info. I used to live in Den Haag and I had all my child pit stops for baby emergencies, rain cover, eating, and having a cup of coffee -- but I just never got a good read on Amsterdam.

    2. Well, I am in Amsterdam now and I will be replying to my own thread for future reference of others.

      The restaurant/cafeteria at the top of the Bijenkorf department store is good for kids. It has child chairs available, a clean (30 Euro cent) bathroom, and a nice atmosphere designed by CoBrA. When I lived in Den Haag, the V&D department store also had a nice upstairs eating area that was good for kids. This isn't at the Dam but down the road on Rokin. I am not sure if they have an upstairs eating area, but V&Ds often do.

      Also, the Luxe Guide lists Cafe Amsterdam as being kid friendly. I haven't been there, but that is what the guide says. Just FYI.

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        Good update, I've been wondering about the caf in V&D on Rokin (pretty sure there is one there). I'll be checking that out on my next trip, as sometimes we want to avoid the resto scene and just easily get a quick bite.

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          Cafe restaurant Amsterdam is definitely very kid friendly (iirc, they give kids crayons to draw on the paper table cloths).

          Another very kid friendly resto, very casual and with a playroom for kids in the back, is Witteveen. The food is just ok, but not bad, and in the afternoon it becomes something of a kids playground.

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            I actually just read about Witteveen today in the Wallpaper Guide and they mention that there is a separate kids play area and on the weekend they even have activities for kids.

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          Btw, my mistake, the resto at Bijenkorf wasn't designed by Cobra but Concrete. Cobra is that cafe at the museum area. My bad. But with that said, the design is really nice. One corner is nice and well lit with Eames chairs. It had a nice feel to it.

        3. also, the terraces of both Het Blauwe Theehuis and Het Melkhuis, in Vondelpark, are good places to hang out with kids and have a sandwich or coffee. Het Melkhuis is attached to a large playground. I prefer Het Blauwe Theehuis when it comes to the food and general atmosphere, but fyi, there are always a lot of people with dogs there, which some people with small kids might object to.

          1. Well, this isn't so much of a restaurant to take kids to, but it is a nice food option if you have kids and need to eat at home. Foodware on Looiersgracht has take-out that is a step above the rest and was a nice option when the nap schedule didn't fit into an eating-out schedule.

            1. The Babyccino blog has some leads on kid-friendly, tasty eats around Amsterdam.