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Sonora Grill

Finally found a reason to go the Midtown Market to eat. I know a lot of you like other places there, I am underwhelmed by most of them . The Senora Grill reminds me of eating on the streets in La Paz except the Tacos are much bigger.. It's right by the Produce place. Now when I go to get produce I can have a snack

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  1. Very enouraging. You don't like anything else at MidGloMa? Not even La Sirena Gorda? Or Los Ocampo (even though I think the standalone location across the street on Chicago is better)


    La Sirena Gorda
    920 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407

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      It's not that I don't like the other places I find them lacking La Sirena Gorda is one of the better ones.

      La Sirena Gorda
      920 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407

    2. This place is great. Everything is made from scratch. The flavors are bold and tasty. I had Beef Chimichurri Pincho. Skewer of beef with chimichurri, coconut rice and smoky beans. And a tortilla. Perfect lunch size portion. The bean and rice are amazing. The beef was tender and flavorful. Really great.

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        Just ate at Sonora Grill. Had 1 fish taco, 1 pork sandwich with fries and 1 salad with cheese squares. The taco was nice, interesting. The pork sandwich was amazing. The fries were very very good, the salad was very very good. It's the best food in Midtown by a long shot. Some of the best in the Twin Cities. The major impression this place left on me was of fresh high quality ingredients. The bun for the sandwich was delicious.

        I haven't tried the Pinchos or rice and beans yet .

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          Went again this weekend.

          Had the Beef Chuck sandwich & the chicken pincho. Both were terrific.

      2. ate here a bit ago, just a fantastic place. I had the pork sandwich and tongue taco, both were great, fries are good too. my brother had the beef chuck roll and the special taco, a fried chicken taco...that was incredible.

        need to try the rice and beans.

        1. We went today, and found it to be very good. All of the tacos (tongue, chicken and shrimp tempura) were very good, but the tongue was the standout for me. The beans and rice that came with the beef chimichurri were interesting and actually packed a lot of flavor, though I wish the beef had a bit more flavor.

          Interested to try the sandwiches, but would certainly return for the tacos.

          1. tried their tongue and egg plant tacos and their chicken tostada, which was their special last week. Tongue taco was amazing. It was packed full of flavor. The chicken tostada was also really good. It was surprisingly huge for the price. The eggplant taco though was a bit of a let down for me.

            Their other dishes look pretty good though.

            1. I think it's getting hard to recommend anything BUT Sonora Grill at Midtown Global Market. For starters, you just can't beat their scratch made tortillas. Has anyone tried their scratch-made hotdog yet?


              Midtown Global Market
              920 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407

              1. I finally got to Sonora Grill last night for dinner. Wow! What wonderful food! This place would stand out in Chicago (my highest praise for Mexican food).

                We had a cup of chicken tortilla soup (delicious and quite spicy), two tacos - er, I mean carmelos - (skirt steak and chicken rojo - the night's special), a beef chimichurri pincho (a bit chewy, but great flavor), and a side of rice & beans (cheesy and spicy and to die for). I plan to return often. I hope they put the soup on the regular menu - it's one of the best tortilla soups I've had.

                And I can't believe the great value - it was $20 for way more food than we could eat. We stuffed ourselves, and still took home enough rice and beans and pincho (about 1/4th of the skewer) to make a very hearty lunch tomorrow.

                P.S. We stopped at Salty Tart for dessert; we shared a roasted pear gallette and a cranberry-rum-butter tartlet. Both were fabulous. MidGloMo makes a great cheap-date outing!

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                  Try the pork sandwich on the milk bun from Salty Tart across the market. And the eggplant fries are pretty good, but if you're getting the eggplant fries and do not want the (very tasty) potato fries that come with your sandwich you declare so loudly and clearly and possibly more than once. Oh, and the salad with cheese chunks was really good when I had it.

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                    Salty Tart has a pork sandwich?!?!?!? Oh, wait. I'll bet that Sonora Grill makes a pork sandwich using Salty Tart's milk bun. Sounds wonderful! I'll be back at MidGloMa on Friday or Saturday for the No Coast craft-o-rama, and that pork sandwich has my name all over it. Thanks for the tips!

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                      Reporting back to say that I loved the pork guajillo bocadillo (sandwich). I got the regular fries - they were some of the best fries I've had in town, but I was slightly disappointed that they came with ketchup instead of an exotic Mexican sauce. Next time, I might ask if I can buy a side of salsa, or perhaps some avocado mayonnaise (now, THAT would be awesome with those fries).

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                        really? I've never gotten ketchup there, always one of their sauces.

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                          Went back yesterday for a chicken verde bocadillo, and got a lovely avocado mayo/aioli with the fries. Yum.

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                    OMG! Salty Tart's pear gallette, with the flaky flaky pastry and the soft, smooth, sweet pear is just absolutely amazing. I might need to have one every day for the rest of my life.


                  3. I finally made it to Sonora last weekend, got 3 tacos (caramelos): skirt steak, pork, and tilapia. All 3 were quite good. The skirt steak was the winner for me, and it had enough meat for two tacos.

                    Great spot, definitely trying a bocadillo next time.

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                      I have only tried the bocadillos and felt that the quality of the ingredients were good, but would prefer a crustier bread and felt that some of the ingredients distracted from the quailty of the meat (i.e. cheese and alioli). The next time I may try a taco, pincho or ask for the sandwich without the cheese and alioli.

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                        So this was my second visit...I am over all pretty happy with the work that they are doing there. Here's today's rundown. They call the taco's caramelo's btw, for brevity I will refer to them as tacos...could be a regional difference, could be marketing, who knows.... I will put them in order of preference...

                        Shrimp Taco:
                        Solid, crispy, flavorful and not overdone shrimp. This was the best thing I ate today, and will become a staple in my weekly lunch diet. I tried to get what was in the batter out of them, but they wouldn't tell me....I respect that. The batter was well seasoned, and I detected the slightest hint of some vinegar, but it could have been a vinegar heavy hot sauce, which would explain the color.

                        Tongue Taco
                        Super long braise on the tongue. It was shredded and then cooked on the flat top so you got a really nice crispy bit on the outside, giving it a little body, which was nice. Jalapeno was pretty mild, side of salsa unnecessary, a little lime juice set me straight.

                        Skirt Steak taco:
                        They had a great beefy char which I have missed so far in any grilled beef taco I have had here. The guajillo sauce was a bit flat, but sweet baby jesus they added a little layer of refried beans which I didn't get til bite number 2 and wow was that one of the most flavorful bites of food I have had anywhere in quite some time.... With a rounder, robust salsa on top, this would be a star...

                        Pork Guajillo Taco
                        Nice. Little lighter on flavor until I hit some cheese tucked away, which gave a nice salty balance and really lightened things up. Without the cheese, meh. But still, head and shoulders above the majority of mexican food to date in msp.

                        Sonoran Hot Dog
                        ok.... Did they used to cut the fries in house? I remembered really liking them last time, but I would sub something out next time for sure.
                        Too much bun. Too much crema. Sausage flavor was excellent, but there was soooo much else happening it was lost. Even the bacon was lost. I still liked it on a basic level, and would be really happy eating it, just not juxtaposed against the other things I ate....

                        In all...It kinda sucks that they are in the global market because 1.) I want them to be around to stay, and if I had a shop in there, I would just be thinking about how to expand my business.
                        2.) With a few beers, I could sit there all day and feel like I was ruling the roost, at the counter ordering taco's 1 by 1....
                        Beyond that, couldn't be nicer guys and glad they are doing some really focused good work. I will be back to knock out the pincho's....

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                              I was there Sunday and the food is superb. Not a single misstep. Tried pretty much everything. Thanks for the pics.

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                                There is a reason that Jason DeRusha of CCO puts Sonora Grill in his top ten restaurants of the cities. This is including sit down restaurants and four star places. He doesn't care that it is a fast casual place. The food is damn good.