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Aug 15, 2011 12:11 PM

Jackson, MS Information

Is Bill's Burger House still open?
I also have not seen anything on here about CHAR. To me it was one of the better places in Jackson to eat lunch.

Burger House
1007 Coffeeville Rd, Jackson, AL 36545

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  1. Yes to your first question, though I don't believe they do burgers any more- just the fancier evening menu. Never tried Char- from what I understand, it is the most expensive restaurant in town and darn well worth it...

    1. I haven't heard of Bill's Burger House, but now will be sure to ask around about it!

      Is your comment about Char in reference to a question about food places to eat lunch?

      I've been there for dinner and it's very good, a Jackson establishment. It's more reasonable for lunch and you probably could spend more at dinner at Walker's, Parlor Market, Shapley' name a few.

      Burger House
      1007 Coffeeville Rd, Jackson, AL 36545

      1. Bill's Burger House is no longer... Today it's known as Bill's Greek Tavern. They do lunch and dinner but no hamburgers.

        Char is alive and well....I've not had lunch there, only dinner.~~ Four months ago...from start to finish.. one of the best meals I've experienced up in the Capital City in a long, long time....Don't recall their prices being out of line...At the time it seemed reasonable.

        Bill's Greek Tavern
        4760 McWillie Dr, Jackson, MS 39206

        1. Cool Al's is the best burger joint around now. Walker's Drive Inn is about the best place in town to eat. Char is still around. Good luck.

          Cool Al's @ 4654 McWillie Dr., Jackson, MS. 601 - 713 - 3020.

          Walker's Drive In @ 3016 North State St., Jackson, MS. 601 - 982 - 2633.

          Char Restaurant @ 142 Highland Cove, Ridgeland, MS. 601 - 956 - 9562. *

          Cool Al's
          4654 McWillie Dr, Jackson, MS 39206

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          1. re: Littleman

            Thanks for the links & restaurants. We will be in Jackson for a week in December & we are always looking for good eats. Any other recommendations?

            1. re: GeekyExplorers

              Are you looking specifically for any particular genre, price range, location, etc?

              1. re: gidgeteats

                Flexible in location - we will be traveling in our RV & with our dog so outdoor eateries/food trucks/places with outdoor patios are best (or food that is easy to take out). We will eat any genre of food, but would love to be pointed towards eateries that are special to Jackson. While we are there we also plan on spending a day at Vicksburg so anything in that direction would be good too. Thanks!

                1. re: GeekyExplorers

                  I'd go to Burgers and Blues then- great burgers and a huge deck that could probably be dog friendly...

                  1. re: GeekyExplorers

                    Go to Rusty's Bar and Grill in VB. Walnut Hills has country food at revolving tables. Not many of them left. Good luck.

            2. Let me be a dissenting voice on Char. I've been for lunch and dinner and don't think it's anything special. The service, in particular, has always left something to be desired. I was still eating one night when they started vacuuming and putting chairs on tables. Admittedly, we had a late seating, but it wasn't like we lingered over our meal.