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Aug 15, 2011 11:47 AM

Has anyone been to

...not that I would I expect any self-respecting board member to frequent a fast-food joint built next to a collapsing garage next to a gas station outside of morbid curiosity, but you've got to hand it to this place - it has some garish, can't-miss signage around its Crescent/Rene-Levesque outpost.

I can't imagine any of their food is remotely worth a taste, though if someone would care to correct my preconceptions from personal experience, please do!

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  1. the amount of signage seems to have increased exponentially and it looks more like a strip club than a restaurant.

    just went to their website. what a cheese fest - i love the brochette skewer scroll bar. the food pictures indicate that it is similar to all the other arab chacoal grill restaurants

    1. Ive been out of desperation around 2-3 a.m. They served me raw chicken so I never went back. It has potential to be ok, but the fact they served me raw chicken just killed it for me. If youre completely desperate try it out, but I dont suggest going before 2 am because there are better options out there

      1. avoid.

        at. all. cost.

        1. ironically it's actually owned by the queue de cheval group

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            Where do you find that information? I can't.

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              its not something the owner would want to openly advertise, of course

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                I've been told to avoid this place at night. Maybe I'll try them in the day time one day.

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                  I don't know where j_do's info comes from, but the REQ says the owner is Amir Toledano.

                  Seems to have an interesting track record:

                  EDIT: The link I had put up for the REQ doesn't seem to work. You can follow this link and search for after clicking the "FIND an enterprise" button.


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                    Folks, we'd ask that you let this sub-thread go and keep the focus on the food. The non-chow related history of business owners and their crimes is really off-topic for this site. Thanks.

          2. They are opening a new outlet on Beaver Hall, a few doors down from Le Marly

            As for the food over there, i went in the few weeks after the opening, all the brochettes i tried we're pretty good, as well as their fries and salad that comes with it. But quality seems to have declined a bit over time, not much for the meat, but mainly for the sides.

            Service can be a bit long as they cook the brochettes on order. Their quarter chicken not so good, dry and pre-cooked and then re-heated on the charcoal when ordered.

            As for the new menu items, never been since they expanded their menu tenfold.