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Aug 15, 2011 10:00 AM

Fish Market Springfield Area?

Where do you get your fresh fish other than WF? Selection of fresh oysters, shrimp, razor clams, etc or am I dreaming.

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  1. Schremerhorns in Holyoke is probably the best place in the immediate area. City fish in Wethersfield, CT and A.Dong grocery in West Hartford, CT are fantastic. A.Dong is an experience in itself!

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    1. re: foodwallguy

      City Fish and A Dong are a bit to far for a go to place although I have been to both. I have not been to Schremerhons in quite some time but will give it a try.
      Have you been to the H Mart in Burlington, MA? Upgrade from A Dong

    2. In Northampton there is North Shore Seafood on King Street and River Valley Market.