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Aug 15, 2011 07:19 AM

Good takeout/delivery in Creve Coeur, MO?

We just moved to Creve Coeur from the South Grand area, and I sure am missing King and I carryout. Anyway, wondering what's good in the new 'hood for delivery or carry-out. And no, I don't count Imo's.... We're in 63146 and would love to know what you're eating and liking. Thanks!

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  1. There is a Thai place near Schulte and Olive Street Road. The folks that worked there at least did, worked for Yoshi Sushi for a long long time. I saw them at a Church Thai food thing and they told me they were at this place. I have no idea if they are still there.
    I believe it is this place.

    I have not been here myself but I would try it for sure.
    I also have enjoyed House of Wong in the center where TGI Fridays is. I don't know if they carry our or what as I have eaten there.
    I also like Oishi Sushi on Ballas near olive.


    House of Wong
    46 N Central Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63105

    Oishi Sushi
    721 N New Ballas Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63141

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      Thanks, FOTD. Oishi is now our local, which is sweet since we used to drive 12 miles just to get there. Have not tried the Thai place yet but surely will!