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Aug 15, 2011 06:11 AM

VERY small, intimate wedding at Paso Robles Winery... please help us find the right place.

HELP... my fiance and I have decided to get married in the Paso Robles wine country in November of 2011. We don't live in California so our planning and options are coming from blogs, websites and help from strangers. We have traveled to the Napa/Sonoma wine region and love it there but decided we really wanted to be adventurous and experience the Paso Robles region that we have heard so much about.

We have decided that we would like a late afternoon or sunset ceremony performed by a local clergyperson with just the two of us and our two well behaved dogs. Our ideal wedding winery would be one that is very informal with a view of the vineyards and a backdrop of rolling hills that goes on forever. We would love it if after the ceremony, we could be served wines from the winery we are at and enjoy a romantic early dinner of wonderful California cuisine.

We would welcome any advice and your suggestions... please help us make our choice.

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  1. Just back from the Parkfield Inn and Cafe V6 Ranch in quirky Parkfield which has to be one of the more out of the way and unusual locations for what you might be looking for in this area. But this is a ranch, big on grass-fed beef and not a winery. Limited menu, but we enjoyed it immensely. Home made food and a very intimate setting.

    Parkfield Inn & Cafe
    70410 Parkfield Coalinga Rd, Parkfield, CA 93451

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      Wow! That is not a lot of time to plan something...Good thing you want something small! I would recommend selecting a winery that specializes in a type of wine that is your favorite-after all there are hundreds of wineries, you'll have a tough time one that isn't amazing. Some personal favorites are: Le Cuvier, Cass, Edward Sellers, Four Vines, Bella Luna, Gelfland, L'Aventure, and many others.
      Good Luck!

      1. Don't know how familiar you are with the Paso Robles wine region, but the prettiest spots in Paso are in the deeply folded hills and canyons to the west of town. The vineyards are nestled within the folds of oak covered hills, so unless you're on top of one, you won't have tremendously long vistas. On the east side of town the terrain is more gently undulating flatlands, grain farms still intermingle with vineyards that are nearly treeless. It's not going to be as romantically pretty as the westside. relief map:
        The exception to this simplified description of terrain is the El Pomar-Genesio area to the southest of Paso. The terrain is a bit more open, but still has the mounding hills that remind of Tuscany.

        Finding your combo of picture-perfect romantic terrain and fine wine and gourmet dinner is going to be challenging, but working with the wineries, even if they don't have a dining room (most don't) they should be able to hook you up with a wine country caterer who could work with you. You might want to search the grower assciation websites to find one that best suits your perameters, and go from there. you can start with the map and learn more about the wineries through their 'profiles'.

        good luck and congratulations!

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          The area west of Paso have formed a collective marketing group called "The Far Out Wineries" - you can sort them out by location and any dining amenities on that one website:

        2. Although small, it's kind of last minute to book a wedding but I will offer up a suggestion. My choice would be HammerSky Vineyards for the gorgeous view, delicious wine and cozy inn, but you would need to contact them to see if they can accommodate your needs.

          1. Check out the Silver Horse Winery page. Beautiful views, cozy and can meet your needs.