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Ristorante Giorgia in Rumson

Third trip there this weekend was the best ever.

This is fast becoming our favorite NJ Italian restaurant. The specials were highlighted by a fried zucchinin flower blossom that were crisp and crunchy with a hint of sea salt on the outside with sweet and creamy filling. Simply delicious.

Followed by an arugala and pear salad with drizzled aged balsamic dressing that had some fresh accasciato cheese from Tuscany.

My meal concluded with one of the ravioli specials -a spinach and riccotta filled purse with gorganzola sauce - the other raviloi special that was offered that night was a veal and cheese raviloi with lamb ragu that our friend had that he simply loved.

Other diners enjoyed the bruschetta - a version made with eggplant that is a knockout - home made lasgane (noodles just burnt on the edges) that was so big my wife happily could not finish and it made for a great treat for us while watching the golf tournament yesterday - a swordfish entree that was eaten to the last bite and a special of bolagnese sauced homemade flat noodled pasta that I was dying to drop my fork into but alas, no invitation to do so was offered by my mom. She too preserved most of hers for a hearty Sunday meal!

IMHO a serious candidate for the best new BYOB restaurant to open in NJ this year.

Address - 102 Ave of Two Rivers, Rumson, NJ 07760 ·

Phone - 7327413880

No web site but facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ristora...

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  1. When I clicked the FB Link:

    The page you requested was not found.
    You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address. Some web addresses are case sensitive.

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        We went to Ristorante Giorgia on Sunday evening and enjoyed our meal. The zucchini flowers we made into 2 pancakes with some fresh ricotta cheese on the side - good, but I would have preferred the version that carlyecat had. DH had the calamari appetizer which was a nice change from the usual fried version - these were done cold with olives, hot peppers, and some more stuff which I can't remember. Bread was very good! My main of spinach gnocchi was light and delicious. DH had wild mushrooms and shrimp over pasta. It was well flavored and a generous size. After checking with the waiter that it was indeed made in house - we ended our meal witha fabulous tiramisu. My thanks to fellow chowhounds who mentioned this new jewel in earlier posts. We love going to new restaurants and will definitely be returning here.

    1. Is this place North or South of Ridge Rd? Google Maps puts it in the middle of the intersection...

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        right across the street from DB Fromagerie

        Fromagerie Restaurant
        26 Ridge Rd, Rumson, NJ 07760

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          Right across which street? Fromagerie is on a corner.

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              If you say that The fromagerie occupies the north east corner of ridge and ave of two rivers and the library occupies the south east corner Gloria nelson the south west and weichert the north west

              The restaurant is on ave of two rivers just past ( further north ) of the northwest corner just past weichert and directly across the street from what is posted as alan's florist on google maps

        2. Okay, some of the following may be attributed to how new the restaurant is. I usually give places some extra slack in the service department when they are new- though in a pretty small dining room with maybe 12 - 15 tables, some of it still screams inexcusable .

          Starting with ambience, it is LOUD in here. The tables are pretty close together and it's not a "romantic date" spot by any stretch of the word. It looks inside like an old Italian barn , verging on being slightly gimmicky but my wife liked it. Everyone last night appeared to know one another which lent for a seemingly welcomingly atmosphere outside of the noise.

          When we get there for our 9pm reservation, we were told they are running about 20 min behind. No worries - on a cool night, it was nice to sit outside for a few minutes, and only about ten minutes later were my wife and I seated at a table .

          Then begins the fun - we received wine glasses for what we brought, empty water glasses and were explained specials. We didn't see our waiter again for about 30 minutes. With our menu closed and quite hungry at this point, I flagged down a busboy and asked him to bring us bread to gnaw at while we waited. We were about to leave when without much apology , our waiter realized he had forgotten about us and took our order.

          On to the food.....

          Stuffed Zucchini (appetizer) - pleasant enough - but could have really used some salt ( Which I added) - pretty average over all- 5/10

          Bruschetta - this was nice- toasted country bread charred on outside and the addition of eggplant made it a different rendition than most 7/10

          For entrees I had ravioli special which was supposed to be with veal and Roquefort - they had ran out of all but two I was told about 20 min after ordering , but they had others with walnuts and what I gathered was a mixed Italian cheese inside that I could sub. Fine. The waiter was quite nice and told me (without me asking) he will bring the remaining two out with my meal for me to try

          My meal came and it was four medium sized , definitely homemade ravioli. The flavors were quite good but... The outsides were almost oily which lent a slightly unpleasant textural component . I don't know if it was run of from an oil base to sauce, or what. All in all , however, they were tasty but not spectacular. I also never saw the two other ravioli (Which would have been fine if he didnt tell me they were coming) In reality, I remained hungry with portion size

          My wife had bucatini a la matriciana (sp?) - Which had a nice kick to it and featured al dente , seemingly homemade pasta. IMHO, the better dish of the night and a nice break from the overbooked red sauce places we are inundated with in NJ

          Good cannoli and expresso to finish . Prices quite reasonable (about $70 plus tax and tip) but mixed feelings. Outside of service, nothing was bad but nothing great either. For my dollar, I'll still go to other Italian places before returning here

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            We had a very similar experience.

            Showed up for 8p rez, sat at 820 and got our menus and wine glasses, then didnt see the waiter for 30 minutes - literally disappeared. Got one of our apps at 920, the other 10 minutes later. Then didnt get our entrees until 950p and again, 10 minutes apart. Waiter asked if we'd like pepper, said yes, and he disappeared again. I went up and got it myself. Waiter was a nice, young kid, but really totally clueless and the hostesses were laughing about the incompetence.

            All of that said, the food was excellent. Actually liked the atmosphere and didn't mind the noise - it was loud enough that we didn't feel like we were right on top of the people at the next table, who we happened to know. I'd wait a while and hope they try to get the service aspect ironed out (am somewhat skeptical given the apparent attitude of management), but I am willing to give it another shot based on the quality of the food alone.


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            1. re: rextonrc

              rextonrc: Welcome to CH.

              What did you do during the one-hour wait?

              As you dine out five nights per week, I look forward to hearing about the other restaurants you frequent.

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                We waited outside and it was cold. I now have a cold. Undici which I love, we eat there once a week. Basil T's, Shipwreck (wonderful) . Duo Amici, (wonderful) What's your beef, Nicholas, Fromergerie, Sallie T's, Blue Water Seafood, and since we work in New York Abe and Arthur's. Verbene, Po and many others. No rating for this restaurant 0.

                11 W River Rd, Rumson, NJ 07760

            2. Went here yesterday, which was a Sunday and early at that, so we expected everything to be up to par and it was pretty good. The food, both homemade pasta dishes and very good with a decent sauce. The ambiance nice and rustic but the place is very small and tables are close to each other. Keep in mind this was not a problem for an early Sunday dinner but will be a problem for a Friday or Saturday night as the noise level will be high.

              The service - nice kids but clueless which again is not an issue on Sunday but will be on a busy night. All in all we liked it and will return again but only for an early Sunday dinner.

              1. Last Wednesday night, the DH and I chose to celebrate our 20th anniversary here instead of Nicholas. We always enjoyed Anjelica's food and being a week night, we opted for casual.

                We had a reservation and were seated right away. The atmosphere is very comfortable. The service was competent and friendly, not intrusive.

                We loved the stuffed zucchini appetizer. Next time, we will each order our own rather than sharing.

                We both had the arugula and pear salad. It was a little overdressed but we cleaned our plates.

                I had the bucatini with guanciale and onions. I cook with guanciale frequently so I know that it is quite fatty. This entree included only a few cubes of pure fat; I found not one chunk of actual meat. The dish had too much red sauce and a red-wine flavor was overpowering. It was not awful, but it was not great. I had leftovers for two days.

                The DH ordered a sauteed calamari over pasta entree. The calamari was slightly fishy and was not sauteed in the sauce at all. It was plain to see that the calamari was boiled, not drained well, and tossed in the bowl over pasta and sauce, causing the dish to be watery. He chose not to take his leftovers home.

                We were too full for dessert, but being a special occasion, we opted to take home an order of tira misu and an order of biscotti. Hands down, that was the BEST biscotti I have ever had in my life. Perfection. The Italian husband agrees.

                Frank was not working that night. Perhaps that explains the less-than-wonderful entrees.

                We will give it another try. The DH saw orecchiette with broccoli rabe and sausage on a neighboring diner's plate and wants to try it.

                1. I had the veal osso buca last night at Giorgia. It had the consistency of a tootsie roll and sat in my stomach like a shot put. I was up from 1:00 am to 3:00 am moaning. I'm out of Rolaids. The grilled polenta with ragout was fantastic though.

                  1. Our first few visits last summer and early fall were great.....not the same place at all...so very disappointing. A pathetic antipasto, dull bland stuffed artichoke, and mediocre fish. Cute, friendly but untrained help and pricey...So sorry they couldn't keep up with great start ...won't be back

                    1. Fairly nice review in New York Times (NJ section) today: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/16/nyr...

                      1. We had a birthday dinner for a friend and after much consideration this made the final cut. Neither I or any of the other 5 friends have ever been here before and I was the only one with any expectations at all thanks to you fine folks.

                        Ok so in what seems to be typical for this place but more so any place this size we had 9pm reservations but weren't seated till 9:30. Not that this is a big deal for most places but this being a small BYOB there is no place to wait except outside and last night I was raining. I don't understand why they don't throw a canvas awning out front for dining and or for keeping dry while waiting. I would by lying if I didn't say about 10/15 mins into the wait the conversation among us turned to walking across the street to Fromogerie or driving to What's Your Beef or another local place.

                        Once seated we were greeted by our sever and the bus boy brought over wine glasses and water glasses for the table. One odd thing I noticed was the water "glasses" are not glass but thick plastic which were warm from the dishwasher. They were immediately filed with water (no ice) so effectively we were served room temp water. Also the bread was nothing special and the olive oil on the table ran out before it made it around the table.

                        Appitzers; stuffed artichoke, 1 of each sautéed calamari apps, mozzerella tomato, cold antipasti (mine). The calamari was the winner of the appetizers. The tomato and mozzerella was very good as well.....the stuffed artichoke was good but not very stuffed......the stuffing was sparse as well as any broth for it. I got the short end of the deal with the cold antipasti the meat selection was 2 slices of 3 italian meats with some pickled veggies a few olives and literally 3 small (think dice sized) cubes of cheese. Miscue the hot apps were served with the cold apps not coming to the table a good 10-12 minutes later with no explanation for the delay.

                        Entree's; shrimp and mushroom pasta, tillapia special, linguini white clam sauce,chicken scarp, pork chop special and last but not least I had the calamari and rigatoni off the menu. The birthday boy had the shrimp and mushroom pasta he said was good but not what he was expecting based on the description on menu. Tillapia got an unenthusiastic "ok" and based on observation a rather small serving of 1 single filet. Linguini and white clam got the first rave of the table followed by the biggest let down being the chicken which was described as tough and chewy. The Pork Chop special was a very nice double cut on the bone and recieved rave as well. Last and not least was my calamari and rigatoni which was delicious. All pastas seem homemade and at least mine was perfect al dente with a wonderful balance of fresh ingredients.

                        Desert there was a slice of chocolate cake and carrot cake with a few cups of tea and two double decaf espresso. The cakes were very good but very thin slices. Tea is tea and the espresso was good although 2 doubles were ordered one double and one single were delivered.

                        Overall I think the place is pretty good and would certainly go back. Unlike my last review of Basil T's complaining of prices vs. product this place is priced right and serving a good product. The biggest problem I have with the place is its size it is small and loud, the waiting and lack of waiting area and the service. Besides the app miscue there were several empty water glasses, bread badkets, the olive oil was never replenished over all the service was sub par. On top of that there was no management to be seen or looking over the floor. The hostess stayed seated at a guests table and never paid the floor any attention. Not that I know it's her responsibility to do so but she was completely absent while sitting at a table with customers. At one point we flagged down another server to ask for help with something who "yes'd" us then vanished as well. For a small place there seems to be a good hiding spot that the servers seem to find. Most servers seemed to be very young men. In my opinion not truly trained wait staff for a restaraunt of this caliber.

                        That's my story and I'm sticking to it. This is posted from my phone sorry for typos I'm not redoing it! Lol

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                          As to your wait - we have been showing up and dropping our wine off a half hour before our reservation - then we head across teh street to the Fromagerie to sit at the bar to have a drink and Giorgia texts us when our table is ready

                          When we have guests we have them meet us at the Fromagerie so we dont have to wait outside

                          Been doing this for the better part of the summer - Fromagerie folks think it is fine as long as we dont chew up their parking

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                            Yes thank you knowing what I do now that will certainly be an option in the future. Truth be told by 9:15 if we walked into Fromagerie and they had a table available we would have just stayed there I'm sure.