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Aug 15, 2011 05:13 AM

Recommendations for LA

Looking for recommendations for LA, and a rough idea of price.

I know about Pat's, and Jeff's, and Tierra del Sur (I know it's not LA). Looking for additional recommendations.


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  1. Assuming things haven't changed in the few years since we were last in LA, those are all very good choices. I would also highly recommend a breakfast/brunch at Delice Bakery, followed by some of their delicious cakes and pastries.

    1. Jeff's. No atmosphere unless you are a teenager/college student but the best hot dogs, sausage, burgers, deli ANYWHERE.

      1. Sunday brunch at Milk N Honey

        1. Oh and pizza, bean chimichangas and eggplant yummies at Pizza World.

          1. I second breakfast at Delice Bakery.
            My husband loves the steak at La Seine, but pricey. Very nice ambiance - not your typical kosher steak house decor with wood burning fireplaces. I've been addicted lately to the tuna shawarma at Nana (dairy, Israeli, casual cafe) and I also like their soups and jachnoon. Sushi at Sushiko. Very casual lunch at Got Kosher, very busy on Fridays so get there right when they open, try their Bluefin Tuna Fricasse sandwiches on warm brioche.