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Aug 15, 2011 03:18 AM

Naples - bars and pastry shops?

I’m looking for suggestions for bars and pastry places open in the evenings in Naples.
Because of where are likely to be dropped off for dinner, the most convenient areas would be Vomero, and the Spanish Quarter, although if the walk is safe and a reasonable distance from those areas, or is an especially great place, we could go further afield.
My husband loves Italian bitter liqueurs (Fernet etc), so a pleasant bar well stocked with such would be great, for aperitif or nightcap.
We were also looking for places to get dessert and coffee after dinner - Pasticceria Agrillo (Via Giordano Bruno, 81. (thank you, FI!) is one name we have.
Thank you!

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  1. The piazza Vanvitelli is the circular heart of Vomero, just steps from the funiculare, and it is a lively place long past dinner. It has a number of well-stocked bars (you can always just walk in and eyeball the display case and the ambience). If you are facing the direction of the funiculare , you can also walk left, down a wide pedestrianized street that is lined with bars and even some clubs.

    There is also a Caffe Mexico in Vomero, quite close to the piazza Vanvitelli, up the street (away from the funiculare), but you should look up the exact address and if you wan't more than fabulous coffee, I'm not sure they stock a bar. There are Caffe Mexico's in several locations in the city, and if you like coffee, I think theirs is the best. It is commonly served to you with sugar already in it. I ordinarily don't put sugar in my coffee, but I think Caffe Mexico's version is great. If you know you absolutely don't want sugar, tell the barista (or more accurately, yell) you don't want it.

    Even though your husband's taste buds run toward bitters, you really should sample some limoncello while you are in the area. It is the prized specialty of Sorrento, but a good bar in Naples should have a quality example.

    I'm not a pastry buff so I can't help you with that, but you might want to do a google search for "historic caffes naples italy" to see if any of them appeal to you as places for an apertivo or digestivo.

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