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Escargot : Love it, Hate it, or Won't Even Try it?

Last night I took my wife out to a gourmet restaurant for her birthday. I was excited when I found out the had Escargot on the menu, because I love it! So I thought I would post the question here. How do you feel about Escargot, love it, hate it, or won't even try it?

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    1. re: sunshine842

      How about "none of the above" ?
      The only snails I've seen in New Zealande are canned. When they're on the menu, there's always someting I like the sound of better than the generic snails-butter-garlic-parsley.
      So if they were fresh and interesting, I'd be really keen to eat them.

      1. re: pippimac

        Actually the restaurant we went to (The Castle Inn, Perth-Andover NB) serves them with Chanetrelles and a light white wine-brie sauce. It was very delicious and unique in my experience. Especially since you received around a dozen Escargots instead of the usual 6.

        1. re: pippimac

          I'm with you on being hesitant with canned ones. My experience has been that they're pretty rubbery and not very flavorful.

          Fresh or fresh-frozen are an entirely different thing, however.

      2. Like all food, I like them; but most restaurant I've been to will serve canned escargots (even good ones) ... so, at some point I do not bother.

        1. Love it! All that butter and garlic...mmm...

          1. Let's be honest, you could put a lot of disgusting things in the garlic butter that usually accompanies escargot and it would taste good.

            Having said that, I like escargot.

            1. Love it. For me it's a texture thing, combined with the garlicky goodness and my sons agree. Never had it from a can (that I know of), so no basis of comparison.

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              1. re: lilgi

                indeed -- somebody once remarked (to someone who was balking at eating snails) - if you cook your SHOES in white wine, butter, and garlic, they'll taste good.

                1. re: sunshine842

                  I love lots of things with wine, butter, and garlic, but again what we enjoy most is the texture so I don't agree. Actually, I think it's one of my favorite textures (almost responded to that thread too), so I always seek them out.

                2. Hmm, never had it from a can :/ But in restaurants, I like it. It's not a favorite that I seek out, though.

                  1. Love it. It is my husband's favorite appetizer. We drive over an hour to a certain restaurant just for escargot. We now have our 5 yo hooked too.

                    1. I've eaten snails three times, I think. Once in Spain, where they were served with sobrasada and twice in the UK (once served with garlic butter in the French style and, at the Fat Duck, as part of Blumenthal's snail porridge)

                      I find them fairly tasteless in themselves and a bit unpleasantly chewy. Wouldnt be in any rush to seek them out again but if I was served them, I'd eat them.

                      1. I won't even try it. No thank you.

                        1. I had my first escargot 48 years ago. I was challenged by my older sister to try them and I've never looked back! Love them - just don't start putting cream in there yuck!

                          1. I don't love them, I don't hate them, and I've had them several times. The first time they were like garlicky rubber bands. The next time they were beautifully prepared and I enjoyed them enough to try again several times. There are many things I enjoy much more so I don't feel compelled to seek out escargot, but I also don't run screaming in the opposite direction.

                            1. I love 'em. To me they're similar to raw oysters and clams. However, mention frog leg or rabbit and my stomach churns.

                              1. I like, not love, classic escargot. What I love is a snail dish that's a common bar snack in the Lisbon area of Portugal. They take little garden snails, only 1 or 2 cm in diameter, and cook them in a seasoned, well-salted broth. You get a bowlful of them accompanied by a wine cork with some common pins stuck into it - the pins are used to extract the snails from their shells. Delicious!

                                1. If you add salt to these snails, do they all foam up and sizzle like they do when alive?

                                  1. Done properly, love them.

                                    1. Good ones, yes. I came very late to that table, except for some boring (canned) ones at a pretentious place in Nashville ca. 1975. Went all through France with Mrs. O's family and didn't have any there, either. Now out in SoCal, everybody's got'em, they're all good, and usually about ten bucks, which puts them into the once-in-a-while category. I only recently found out that Mrs. O, who supposedly should have been born loving snails, actually loathes them, while her Midwesterner husband will happily eat enough for both of us.

                                      1. I have had a handful of completely different versions of them and love them all- from the classic butter, garlic, wine, herbs to a delightful Spanish version of whole, in-shell snails simmered in a spicy red sauce fished out with a snail fork when I was 10. Love at first bite!
                                        I think it is a very versatile ingredient and if I had the accessibility to inexpensive, fresh snails all the time, I would certainly eat them all the time and use them in all sorts of things.

                                        1. None of the above. Have eaten it. Would eat it again if offered, but there are other ways I prefer to eat my snails. :)

                                          1. Absolutely love them, we had dinner at Au Pied de Cochon in Paris and was seated on the second floor dining room down wind from the escargo station in the middle of the room that wafted the wonderful aroma of butter,garlic and wine through out the dinner. needless to say we had to have an order each.
                                            I marveled at the ingenuity of placing the station so strategically and wondered what the turn over was on that app.

                                            1. if faced with canned, blanch them briefly in white wine and prepare away as normal. it's not perfect and won't compare to fresh, but it does a great deal to revive them.

                                              1. Love them.

                                                Although, to be honest, I'd probably eat rocks with enough garlic butter sauce on them.

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                                                1. re: tastesgoodwhatisit

                                                  One of the most honest things I have ever read on Chowhound. Thanks tastesgood...

                                                  1. re: Tripeler

                                                    Love them. Have had them dozens of ways throughout Europe. I would use it as an indicator for the rest of the meal. Most memorable was in Alsace. Snails, mixed forest mushrooms, wine, cream, served in puff pastry. Very small family inn with 4 rooms to rent for the night.