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Aug 15, 2011 02:10 AM

Escargot : Love it, Hate it, or Won't Even Try it?

Last night I took my wife out to a gourmet restaurant for her birthday. I was excited when I found out the had Escargot on the menu, because I love it! So I thought I would post the question here. How do you feel about Escargot, love it, hate it, or won't even try it?

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    1. re: sunshine842

      How about "none of the above" ?
      The only snails I've seen in New Zealande are canned. When they're on the menu, there's always someting I like the sound of better than the generic snails-butter-garlic-parsley.
      So if they were fresh and interesting, I'd be really keen to eat them.

      1. re: pippimac

        Actually the restaurant we went to (The Castle Inn, Perth-Andover NB) serves them with Chanetrelles and a light white wine-brie sauce. It was very delicious and unique in my experience. Especially since you received around a dozen Escargots instead of the usual 6.

        1. re: pippimac

          I'm with you on being hesitant with canned ones. My experience has been that they're pretty rubbery and not very flavorful.

          Fresh or fresh-frozen are an entirely different thing, however.

      2. Like all food, I like them; but most restaurant I've been to will serve canned escargots (even good ones) ... so, at some point I do not bother.

        1. Love it! All that butter and garlic...mmm...

          1. Let's be honest, you could put a lot of disgusting things in the garlic butter that usually accompanies escargot and it would taste good.

            Having said that, I like escargot.

            1. Love it. For me it's a texture thing, combined with the garlicky goodness and my sons agree. Never had it from a can (that I know of), so no basis of comparison.

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              1. re: lilgi

                indeed -- somebody once remarked (to someone who was balking at eating snails) - if you cook your SHOES in white wine, butter, and garlic, they'll taste good.

                1. re: sunshine842

                  I love lots of things with wine, butter, and garlic, but again what we enjoy most is the texture so I don't agree. Actually, I think it's one of my favorite textures (almost responded to that thread too), so I always seek them out.