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Aug 15, 2011 01:37 AM

Exiled to Canary Wharf

Hello all,

I've just started a 9-month placement in Canary Wharf and am GAGGING for a decent cup of coffee to replace my beloved Lantana. Any suggestions? Also somewhere for decent sandwiches, salads or other lunch things that aren't super-expensive and twhere I won't get thrown out for my scruffy jeans and muddy boots - I work on a building site you see... Haven't found much beyond Starbucks and Pret. Pretty excited about the Waitrose refurbishment though!



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  1. Can't recommend much in the way of a secretly amazing coffee, although one of my personal favourites is opening soon - Taylor Street Baristas - that will definitely be worth the visit. Perhaps try Carluccio's until that opens?

    For salads I'd got to Chop'd, for sandwiches I like Birley, for soup I like Eat and for a disgustingly large bucket of chicken katsu curry I go to Wasabi. On the other side of the mall I like Itsu for noodle soup and M & S for a big selection or cheaper sandwich options (I mean cheaper than Birley!).

    Here's a link to the list of food places around the area so you see them on a map:

    Castle St, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX1 1, GB

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      I shall be studying the map carefully as I get lost every time I venture inside! Will definitetly give Birley a go as there's always a queue. I got a sandwich from Kruger as I was panicking about where the hell I was, and it was the first place I saw! The bread was stale and the smoked salmon was super-salty. Not nice. Good to know all the old favorites are nearby :)

    2. There's a definite lack of places for a good coffee at the moment, although good news that a new one's opening. Waitrose should be great once it's finished -- the hot food counters it used to have were good value and I think they're expanding on what they used to offer.

      I've been a bit wary of Chop'd ever since I saw their staff buying up huge quantities of bagged lettuce from Waitrose. I can open a bag of lettuce myself if that's all they're doing.

      Would second Birley's for sandwiches (albeit not particularly cheap). Their little baguette stall in the mall does a good hot chorizo option.

      Otherwise, I like Byron and Boisdale for burgers (not much of a price differential). M&S for their regular sandwiches and their hot food counter (quite a good toastie). Wahaca has also recently opened up a burrito truck in Canada Square.

      Watch out for the last Tuesday in the month, too, when there's a lunch market on in Canada Square Park.

      66 Chandos Pl, London, Greater London WC2E 7, GB

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      1. re: juniper77

        Ooh the market sounds good, and the burrito stall too. Will have to check out the hot stuff at Waitrose and M+S. And possibly bring some clean clothes to change into for lunch!

        Thanks :)

        1. re: gembellina

          If you're going to bring some clean clothes, don't forget that Goodman are opening a branch on South Quay Waterfront in November too..

          1. re: YSL

            Really? That's both fabulous and terrible (for my wallet) news. It also reminds me that Iberica are opening up in the autumn -- both tapas restaurant and a takeaway.

            1. re: juniper77

              Yep, it was confirmed last week. And what's more (which your wallet is really going to hate), they're going to offer a takeaway service at this branch too..

      2. Hey, G.
        Enjoy "the Wharf". Cafe Brera (opposite Massimo Dutti - near Zara, or in the new mall on the floor above M&S) does a pretty good cup of coffee, as does Leon. Cafe Brera does nice pizza and Leon is good for hearty and healthy lunches, but both a little $$$ for lunch every day! Paul does fabulous baguettes and other baked goods (again, not cheap). Eat is a reasonable option for soup and some of their salads are pretty good also.

        Definitely a few clean clothes options - you are also very close to "The Gun", a fabulous pub on the Isle of Dogs! Make sure you try that if you fancy a really nice lunch at some point this summer!!! Also, you are near Royal China, which does excellent dim sum, but you have to reserve on weekdays!!

        Enjoy CW - a couple of nice things among the chainstore blandness.


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        1. re: greedybunny

          Yes I walked past Brera this morning and noticed they did take-away coffee so I might try that tomorrow. Unfortunately I don't get much of a lunch break so might have to come back to teh Gun on a weekend.